US Employment Statistics (Infographics and Charts)

employment stats

Employment Statistics

The US labor market often feels like a whirlwind of ups and downs – projecting to grow considerably one minute and tanking the next.

While no one (that I know of) has a crystal ball that can predict what’s to come, there are data points we can utilize to help paint a better picture of our work world.

We have compiled a few key employment statistics, packaged them up into infographics and graphs, then added them to this article.

US Employment Infographics

  • Projected change in employment infographic
  • Lowest unemployment rate by state infographic
  • Percentage wage increase chart
  • Job quit rate chart


Projected Change In Employment Infographic

With the constant need for talent within key industries such as healthcare and business, there’s no wonder they continue to grow at a rapid pace.

Below, we have listed the projected change in employment in the United States from 2020 to 2030, by major industry. – Statista

employment change statistics


Lowest Unemployment Rates By State Infographic

Unemployment seems to hit certain states and industries much harder than others. As of April of 2022, here are the states with the highest unemployment rates.

  • District of Columbia (5.8%)
  • New Mexico (5.3%)
  • Nevada (5%)
  • Alaska (4.9%)
  • Pennsylvania (4.8%)

And in the infographic below, we run through the 5 states who are doing pretty well in this category. – Statista

unemployment rate stat

Percent Wage Increase In The US

While wages tend to increase overall, some months do much better than others. Below, we have a chart listing the percent wage increase in the US by month. – BLS

wage increase stat


Job Quit Rate In The US

Job quits are considered voluntary separation of the employee from their place of employment (retirement is not part of this metric).

The quits rate is the number of quits during the entire month as a percent of total employment. – BLS

job quit rate

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