What is theJub?

theJub is a career and job resource Community for millennials who are seeking a purposeful and financially fulfilling life.

our mission is to inspire and provide better career opportunities for over 10 million job seekers by 2024


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At theJub, WE BELIEVE in taking care of each other and making an impact on the work world. WE BELIEVE in helping young professionals (millennials, gen y, gen z) navigate their careers to find a true calling.

From job search to career development, WE BELIEVE in providing clear, beneficial resources around job search, resume writing, interview prep, salary negotiations and other career planning topics.

WE BELIEVE life is too short to resent your career and drown in debt. Together, we can strive for a purpose and BELIEVE together.

Our Content Is Written And Run By Young Professionals Who Have Stood In Your Shoes.

Make an Impact

Strive for a Purpose

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How we got here

After recruiting for multiple Fortune 500 companies and helping thousands of job seekers find careers, you start to see a few themes in the hiring process.

Similar applicant questions around resume writing, job interviewing and finding a career were some of those themes.

Fortunately, I was lucky enough to learn what most of these hiring managers were looking for in an applicant, what they expected to hear in an interview, what they look for on a resume, and so much more.

The more I learned the more I was able to relay those important details to my candidates which in turn helped them get hired.

While helping out these candidates felt great, I knew other job seekers (specifically hard working millennials who were getting a bad work rap) could benefit from these insider details as well. That’s where theJub was born!

We set out to build a helpful career resource community around what other recruiters and I had learned through the years. Sharing any thoughts and advice for people looking to make an upgrade in their careers.

Fast forward 5 years and we have written 300+ career articles that have helped serve over 4 million job seekers. We hope what we are sharing helps you in some way along your career journey. Best of luck in your job search!

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Office Address: 17145J W Bluemound Rd #158 Brookfield, WI 53005

Meet The Team

There is a handful of amazing and talented people who have made (and continue to make) what theJub is today. The two primary writers who contribute to theJub are Reid Alexander and Becky Lin.

Reid is an employment enthusiast who has hired for various companies around the world. Connecting talent with those who are looking to expand their workforce.

Becky is also a Talent Acquisition Specialist who loves to share the knowledge she’s gained through the years in written form.

Their career related help articles have been read +4,000,000 times over the last few years. More about the authors here.