How to Write the Best Second Interview Thank You Email (with Examples)

second interview thank you

second interview thank you email

Are you looking to write an eye catching thank you email after your second interview wraps up? The follow up can often be the difference between landing or losing out on a job.

Here’s how to write the perfect thank you email to win over the hiring manager!

Questions Answered

  • Should I send a thank you email after my second interview?
  • What does a post interview thank you email show?
  • How to write a second interview thank you note?
  • Subject for thank you email
  • When to send a thank you email after interview?
  • Should you email or mail a thank you letter?
  • How long until you hear back after the second interview?

Your second interview wraps up. Now What?!

Should you sit around and wait for them to get back to you or take initiative and send a post job interview thank you email?

Since you know the overall nature of this article, I assume you picked the latter. You made a very wise choice!

Sending a thank you email after a job interview is not only considered best practice but almost a necessity in today’s work world.

The days of simply handing in a resume/job application before getting a call back are mostly gone.

Young professionals coming out of college and looking for their first job must differentiate themselves from more experienced candidates.

Learning how to write a thank you email for an interview can do exactly that. A last-minute push for the job gives you a slight advantage over the competition and solidifies your interest in the role.

The extra step of creating a thank you email helps potential employers remember your name for the right reasons.

Should I Send a Thank You email after the interview?

Yes, you should send a thank you letter post interview!

Write a simple thank you letter after your interview in order to help separate you from all the others applying for the same position. Most job listings receive numerous applicants who all want to receive an offer in the end.

They may have different levels of education and experience than you do. One thing you can do to improve your chances is to promptly send an email after the interview processes is complete to demonstrate your willingness to go the extra mile.

What does this show?

With a simple thank you message, you’re letting the potential employer know you will do whatever it takes to succeed. That you are polite, professional, and have a high degree of appreciation for the interviewer.

Also, following up shows how interested you are in the position.

6 steps to Writing the perfect second interview thank you email

1. Express Your Thanks

Show your appreciation for the time they spent with you. Hiring managers are extremely busy so taking time out of their day is never easy!

Also, express gratitude for their consideration of your application for the position you are applying for. These simple little gestures can go a long way!

2. Respond to Unanswered Interview Questions

Although you should aim to answer all questions at the interview itself, you can reiterate important information and add additional responses here.

Keep it short, however.

3. Repeat Your Interest in the Position

Let them know how ready and excited you are for the opportunity. They will feel more confident in a decision knowing you are interested and committed to the role.

Don’t sound desperate though!

4. Ask Additional Questions

Asking questions about important topics help hiring managers/recruiters keep your name front of mind. At the very least, ask when you can expect to hear back on their decision.

5. Edit and Proofread Carefully

Thank you emails must be 100% free from any errors. Sending a follow up email with mistakes in it would completely backfire and likely boot you from contention.

Use a tool like Grammarly to quickly check your copy. Above all else, maintain professional quality in the email.

6. Keep it Short and Simple

The point of a follow up message is to thank them, remind them of information about you, and ask a question or two.

There’s no need to drag on about information already covered or understood.


Second Interview Email Samples

recruiter using linkedin chart

Source – Jobvite

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are some good interview email subject lines?

Keep it straight forward and simple. If it’s a larger company it might be best to be more specific since the hiring manager is likely hiring for other roles as well.

  • (My Name) – Interview Follow Up
  • (My Name) – Interview Thank You
  • (My Name) – (Specific Job) Interview Follow Up

Example: Joe Dirt – Software Developer Interview Follow Up

When to Send a Thank you Email After an Interview?

Look to send a thank-you email within the first 24 hours of your interview.

This will ensure you are still front of mind with everyone you met and it also demonstrates your overall interest in the role.

Should You Email or Mail a Thank You Letter?

Many applicants wonder if it’s better to send a thank you card or email after interview.

Truth is, both interview thank-you emails and written letters work great, so don’t stress over which is better.

The most important aspect of the email/letter is the content within – keep it short, professional, and tailor it towards your specific interview conversation.

How long until you hear back after the second interview?

The hiring manager will often provide a specific date by which they will contact you by. If that date has passed, feel free to send a follow up email to get an update.

If they failed to mention a specific date or timeline, give it a few days before reaching out. Here’s a timeline of the stages interview to job offer stages (infographic).

Do Employers Like Thank You Emails After an Interview?

Yes, employers generally appreciate receiving thank-you emails after an interview. This form of a “thank you” is your way to show gratitude for the opportunity which most all employers like to see.

Wrapping Up | thank you email after second interview

You worked hard to find this great job, prepared diligently for the second interview and crushed it. Unfortunately, in today’s competitive business climate, that might not be enough.

Make the extra effort by sending an interview thank you email. This lets potential employers know how serious you are about wanting the job and demonstrates the extra effort you will put forth in the role.

To recap, when you write a follow up email after a job interview:

  • Say Thank You
  • Ask Specific Questions
  • Express Interest in the Role
  • Keep it Short
  • Proofread Before Sending (using Grammarly)

I can tell you from experience that it worked for me. It’s part of the reason I have my job today. We hope this helps you WIN your next job.Good luck with the search!

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