50 Performance Review Phrases to Increase Productivity

Effective performance reviews help increase productivity and improve overall success within an organization.

These performance review phrases are a sure fire way to boost productivity in the workplace.

Performance Review Phrases to Increase Productivity

Overall Performance Review Phrases

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A performance review is one of the keys to increasing the productivity of your employees making it imperative that you deliver it well.

While they may differ from company to company, there are common performance review phrases that can be applied to similar roles. 

What is a performance review?

A performance review is a traditional evaluation where managers or leadership team members assess an employee's overall work performance within the organization.

This may include but is not limited to identifying the employee’s strengths and weaknesses, discussing their goals for the business, and providing feedback on their overall performance.

How to Deliver an Effective Performance Review

There is a way to criticize an employee's performance without being hated for it. Give constructive feedback to promote and enhance your employee's performance by implementing these tips.

How it works:

  • Start by discussing the positive things that the employee has done in the organization. Be as detailed as possible. Talking about their contributions will likely motivate them to do better next time. 

  • Next, you can provide criticisms or talk about the areas they need to improve on. Give concrete examples so they can grasp your thoughts.

  • It helps to always end your feedback by giving out a positive comment to your employees.

  • Discuss their career development. Are they looking to advance in a different area of the business or grow in their current role? You won’t know without asking.

Performance Review Phrases

Below are performance review phrase examples that you can use for your next discussion. You may have to alter some of these depending on the employees' job description. Feel free to make them your own:


  • Demonstrates creative flair and lends creative insight to the team

  • Continuously suggests and contributes original ideas and alternatives 

  • Creates and implements innovative solutions 

  • Encourages workmates to formulate creative solutions

  • Highly adept at facing difficult problems


  • Has built healthy working relationships with coworkers

  • Consistently helps coworkers as needed

  • A team player

  • Accepts constructive criticisms

  • Encourages coworkers to work together for a common objective


  • Extremely results-oriented

  • Highly self-motivated and strives to finish the required tasks on time

  • Anticipates challenges and provides solutions

  • Shows a high level of professionalism

  • Adheres to company rules and regulations

Quality of Work and Productivity

  • Consistent in delivering high-quality work on time

  • Completely understands job responsibilities

  • Collaborates with other departments as needed

  • Expert in their field

  • Accomplishes tasks in a timely manner


  • Always shows up and has a positive demeanor

  • Can work under pressure

  • Always on time

  • Willing to work overtime as needed

  • Consistent with deadlines


  • Maintains calm demeanor in stressful situations

  • Quickly adapts to changes

  • Shows initiatives and ready to face up to challenges

  • Handles criticisms well

  • Gets involved and adapts to changes

Interpersonal Skills and Communication

  • Effective communicator

  • Can connect to people well

  • Highly optimistic and willing to listen

  • Able to explain complex ideas in a simple language

  • An effective listener

Customer Focus and Customer Satisfaction

  • Goes the extra mile to provide exceptional service to clients 

  • Handles client objections well and resolves problems promptly

  • Sets the right expectations the clients and always deliver what is promised

  • Provides excellent customer service

  • Knows how to build rapport with clients

Decision Making and Problem Solving

  • Can work out alternative courses of actions and determines the best solution

  • Always prepared to effectively deal with complex problems

  • Weighs the pros and cons before deciding on the most suitable solution

  • Decisive in difficult situations

  • Analyzes problems carefully and provides different ways to rectify issues


  • Willing to work long hours and overtime hours to complete a project

  • Completes required tasks on time

  • Committed to getting the task done promptly and performs above expectations

  • Unfazed by any complex issues or problems

  • An asset to the team

Additional tips to Increase Productivity

  • It would help if you have a process in place for giving out performance reviews.

    • Consider writing an SOP for your organization about how to deliver them. This would serve as a guide for managers or Human Resources

  • Preparation is important before giving out your performance review.

    • A couple of weeks before the meeting, try to talk to the employee and ask them to write down contributions they have made for the company, contributions they are proud of. You may also ask the other departments to help out with this. Or you could talk to the people your employee has worked with. Gather as many notes and details as possible. 

  • If you want to boost your employee's productivity after the performance review, be as crystal clear as possible.

    • Ensure that you are on the same page with your employee and that they understand what you have just discussed. This is important for their career growth. 

  • It would also be essential to talk about the organization's goals during the performance review.

    • Discuss each objective and ask the employee how else they can contribute better to achieve the company's main objectives.  

Wrapping Up | Performance Review Phrases

There you have it! Phrases you can use during your next performance review that will hopefully increase productivity.

Some final notes to keep in mind:

  • Be as detailed as possible when delivering a performance review.

  • Make sure that your employee knows what they exactly need to improve on. Ask questions to make sure they understand and that you are on the same page. 

  • Tell them that negative feedback isn't meant to discourage. It's an opportunity to do better next time.

  • As soon as you deliver the performance review, allow your employees to also provide feedback about the discussion you just had.

The productivity of your employees is critical to the success of your business. When you deliver an effective performance review, your business will be positively effected.

Best of luck!


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