5 Best Outplacement Firms (Career Outplacement Services)

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Outplacement Firms (Services)

There are a countless number of Outplacement Firms to choose from today. Since we know you’re busy running a business, we wanted to help narrow down the search.

Here are the 5 best outplacement services for 2022.

Pain Points Addressed (Updated 2022)

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  • How much does outplacement services cost?
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  • How do employers benefit from providing these services?

While parting ways with exiting employees can be difficult, it’s often an essential part of running a profitable organization and keeping your remaining employees happy.

To make the transition easier, organizations often bring in a third-party service known as Outplacement.

What Are Outplacement Services?

Outplacement services help navigate the career transition process, providing general training, interview prep, career coaching/counseling and resume writing services to the departing employees.

They also help the employer reduce legal risks and cut down on unemployment claims (amongst other benefits).

There are a countless number of Outplacement Agencies to choose from, and since we know you are busy running your business, we wanted to help narrow down the search.

Notes: These online outplacement services are in no particular order and contain snippets from their websites. Many are also considered virtual outplacement services. Altering the offer to virtually help departed employees during these tough times.

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1. VelvetJobs

Overview: Based in Los Angelas, VelvetJobs is an employer branding and outplacement service provider. Their affordable outplacement services aim to smoothly transition workers into new opportunities.

“VelvetJobs works with companies of all sizes, from the smallest to the biggest in the world. We will custom-tailor a program just for you. We offer both standard and custom service packages for professionals of all experience levels.”

“Dedicated one-on-one expert career services for all experience levels. Each experience level requires a relevant level of service from career experts that range from senior executives to professionals in the middle of their career and junior staff. We will appropriately match career experts by experience level and industry.”

What They Offer:

  • Career Coaching
  • Curated Job Matching
  • 1:1 Resume Writing and Job Interview Preparation
  • Proven Global Solution with Millions of Users
  • Job Placement Guarantee
  • Affordable, Starting at $500 Per Person

Source | https://www.velvetjobs.com/outplacement

2. RiseSmart

Overview: RiseSmart is a global company hosting a variety of outplacement solutions to provide both the employer and candidate with a great experience from the start.

“Randstad RiseSmart is one of the world’s largest providers of global contemporary career outplacement solutions that strengthen employer brands, improve retention, and re-engage talent. We partner with HR teams to produce unparalleled results and guide transitioning talent into, within, and out of organizations faster than the national average.”

“We help HR professionals navigate organizational change with confidence, ease, and superior results. Our dedicated team of industry experts lessens the burden before, during, and after workforce transformations with innovative, customized solutions that deliver peace of mind and high ROI. To ensure your future business success, we provide lifetime cost-saving recommendations and best practices advice”

What They Offer:

  • Career Coaching
  • Resume Writing and Branding
  • Professional Branding
  • Customized Job Leads
  • Dedicated Team of Three Career Professionals

Source | https://www.randstadrisesmart.com/talent-mobility-solutions/outplacement


3. Right Management

Overview: Right Management is another global outplacement company who has helped over 3.5 million people transition into new careers while helping organizations maintain productivity in the workplace.

“When individuals succeed, organizations win. We help companies and individuals create talent strategies for career management that improve business agility and performance.”

“Over the last 35+ years, Right Management has developed and transitioned more than 3.5 million people into new roles, careers, and opportunities.

“Uniquely positioned to guide companies through this transition, we provide organizations with innovative tools and a dedicated support team to help plan, communicate, and implement workforce transitions.”

What They Offer:

  • Career Coaching
  • Dedicated Account Team From Start to Finish
  • Targeted Job Leads
  • Access to Local Job Resources
  • Resume Writing Assistance

Source | https://www.right.com/wcm/connect/right-us-en/home/

4. Lee Hecht Harrison (LHH)

Overview: Lee Hecht Harrison is a global brand specializing in Career Transition and Outplacement help among other services.

is another global outplacement company who has helped over 3.5 million people transition into new careers while helping organizations maintain productivity in the workplace.

“Companies in every industry are facing unprecedented change – so they’re transforming their workforces to keep pace. That can mean helping move people on who lack the correct skills or who no longer fit the business structure, while at the same time moving key people into new roles, and finding new talent.”

“From front-line staff to C-suite executives, we can help you, transition employees, internally as well as into new jobs with new employers.”

“We have career coaches, programs, and technology to support one employee or thousands around the world. Our programs can be personalized to support a variety of career paths; entrepreneurship, consulting, freelance and contract roles, portfolio careers, and active retirement.”

What They Offer:

  • Active Career Placement
  • Career Transition for Senior Executives
  • Redeploying Talent Internally
  • Advanced Technology
  • Talent Sourcing
  • Virtual Career Fairs

Source | https://www.lhh.com/us/en/our-services/career-transition-and-outplacement

“The federal reserve bank of Chicago published a study that projected an organization with 1,000 employees who were laying off employees could avoid losing roughly $1.4 million in wrongful termination lawsuits through offering outplacement services.”

— Velvet Jobs

5. Mercer

Overview: Mercer is a large asset management firm that has an outplacement division helping transition employees around the world.

“Today, employers want an outplacement solution that provides a virtual career center, social network integration, and pushes jobs through alerts to job seekers, supported by one-on-one coaching.”

“Mercer’s approach helps to transition employees to land nearly 3x faster than the national average time it takes to find employment. We are redefining outplacement design, delivery, and results and provide a service that meets the needs of all levels of employees.”

“We put jobs first to help employees get back to work 3x faster.”

“58% of employers are frustrated with the outplacement services offered by traditional “brick and mortar” providers, which are often viewed as outdated. This has resulted in Mercer’s new type of solution that encompasses both online and social technologies.”

What They Offer:

  • Career Coaching
  • 24/7 Access to Award-winning Platform
  • Designed for Adult Learners
  • Social Network Integration
  • Subscription-Based Model

Source | https://www.mercer.com/

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Traits Should Your Outplacement Agency Have?

  • Latest job search knowledge on technologies
  • Positive reviews and testimonials
  • Access to coaches (online or in person)
  • Interview prep sessions for applicants
  • Personalized guidance
  • Recommendations on industry trends

How Much Does Outplacement Services Cost?

The cost of outplacement ranges from as little as $750 per employee to upwards of $10,000 for more senior executives.

The difference in price is reflected by the services each firm provides along with the level of employee they are transitioning.

What Services Are Provided By Outplacement Firms?

Outplacement firms offer career transition coaching and support for former employees in attempt to find them a new job. This often includes; resume writing, interview coaching, and job searching assistance.

They also closely collaborate with HR managers to train the office/organization about transitioning best practices.

How Do Employers Benefit From Providing Outplacement Services?

For employers, the benefits that an outplacement agency provides typically include; decreased cost during layoffs, positive (or as positive as you can be) experiences for those that were terminated and the prevention of legal costs that may could come up during termination of work.

For the employees being terminated, this type of offering enables them to get by financially during the transition and provides them with the resources needed to find new employment.

Wrapping Up | Best Outplacement Services

There are countless outplacement firms to pick from today but not every option is “one size fits all”. Do your homework and dig into each agency to find what best fits your scenario.

Once you make a choice, reach out and request more information (or a demo) to make sure they are an organization you would be happy to work with. To recap our favorites:

  • Velvet Jobs
  • Risesmart
  • Right Management
  • Lee Hecht Harrison
  • Mercer

Best of luck out there!

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