How to Answer “Tell Me About Yourself” in an Interview (with Sample Answers)

Your interview is fast approaching and one of the first questions they will ask is “tell me about yourself”? The answer could make or break the interview so getting it right is crucial.

Here are a few simple steps to follow and examples to help you prepare.

Tell Me About Yourself

Tell me about yourself sample answers

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Why Interviewers Ask This Question

It's a great ice breaker question for the hiring manager and also an excellent way to extract some quality information from the candidate. 

This intro question also helps hiring managers get to know you better which is an important part of their decision making process.

But before any questions are asked, an introduction generally takes place.

How do you introduce yourself in an interview (self introduction)?

When initially meeting the person interviewing you for the job, look them in the eyes, give them a nice smile, and tell them your full name (with a handshake if appropriate).

It’s that simple!

Additional small talk often takes place and then the questions start rolling in - often starting with the hiring manager asking for more details about yourself.

How to Answer “tell me about yourself” Interview Question

  • Customize Your Answer to the Job Description/Company

    • The interviewer is looking for an answer that's relevant to the position and company you're applying for, so start with a significant strength the hiring manager mentioned in the job description.

    • Before the interview, read through the job description and spend time on their website to get to know what it is they are seeking. 

    • Mention how that skill or quality you possess helped a recent employer.

  • Provide Numbers/Metrics

    • While running through your answer, provide numbers and metrics that support what you're talking about. 

    • Anyone can say they helped "grow a team," but hearing that you "helped grow a team of 25 employees who generated $75k in new sales" sounds much better. 

  • Keep It Professional

    • Keep your answer professional. You need to stay on track and keep the answer revolving around your work experience and the job itself. 

    • Sharing personal information isn't all bad if it relates to the role, but it's best for you to keep the answer related to your career.

  • Get Passionate About Your Answer

    • Showcase how enthusiastic you are about potentially getting the job by adding some passion to the answer you provide. The main objective here is to stand out from the other candidates, so you need to make it memorable. 

    • Don't get sarcastic and go overboard, though!

  • Don't List Off Your Resume

    • One of the biggest mistakes we see among candidates who answer the "tell me about yourself" question is repeating their resume. 

    • They get stuck on every little detail around each role and read directly from their resume. 

    • The interviewer has gone through your resume, so reciting it won't provide the details needed to land this new job.  

  • Keep Negative Opinions to Yourself

    • You've heard it a million times, but it's worth saying again: don't bad mouth your previous employers. It looks terrible and will likely turn a hiring manager off from moving forward with hiring you

    • Stay happy and positive - the little things matter!

  • Practice, Practice, Practice (Allen Iverson Voice)

    • Practice will surely make your "tell me about yourself" answer stronger. 

    • With practice, you build confidence, and it sounds more natural coming out.

    • This will also prevent you from rambling on about unnecessary details. 

Tell Me About Yourself Template

  • Line 1: I’m an enthusiastic (Title) who has been working (Type of Work) over the (Timeframe).

  • Line 2: During that time, I completed (Specific Accomplishment) which lead to (Specific Result) for (Company Name).

  • Line 3: Prior to that, I worked at (Company Name) where I was the (Type of Work) and lead my team to (Specific Accomplishment).

  • Line 4: Although those were all great opportunities, I’m ready to take on another challenge and contribute to the overall goals of (Company Name) as the (Job Title).

  • Line 5: I’ve heard nothing but great things about (Company Name) and believe my experience would be valued there.

Tell Me About Yourself Sample Answers

  • Sample Answer #1

    • I've been an enthusiastic marketing manager for (Company Name) during the last four years of my career. During that time, my team has contributed to 25% revenue growth and brought in 7 new clients focusing within the healthcare industry.

    • Prior to that, I was with (Company Name), where I was able to increase new leads by 37% through online advertising. Although those opportunities were great, I'm ready to take on a larger challenge and would thrive in the (Position). 

  • Sample Answer #2 

    • I've enjoyed working as a pediatric nurse over the past seven years. I spent 2 years at (Hospital Name), receiving rewards and recognition for my work within the surgical center.

    • Prior to that at (Hospital Name), I was chosen as 1 of the 7 nurses to work on a research project that led to a 23% increase in patient feedback for the hospital. I've enjoyed my work over the last 2 years but am looking for a new challenge.

    • The reputation of (Hospital Name) with its high level of commitment and expertise is something I'm looking to help contribute towards. 

  • Sample Answer #3 

    • I'm a UX designer who enjoys contributing to team efforts within any company I work for.

    • I recently completed a front-end design project for a Fortune 500 company's sales page. I helped cut delivery time down by 2 weeks and drove up new sales from the page by 17%. Before that, I worked at (Company Name) for 2 years, where I joined a team of 3 in designing an eCommerce website that recently won a design award.

    • They were great learning experiences, but I'm ready to help provide my design expertise to (Company Name). I think my experience and productivity would be valued here. 

  • Sample Answer for Fresh Graduate

    • I’m a recent graduate from the University of Minnesota who is enthusiastic about the digital marketing industry. During the last 2 years of school, I was part of three separate business projects where a small team and I developed marketing campaigns for local non profit businesses.

    • Prior to business school, I worked summers as a social media manager for a larger organization in my hometown. Over my four years with the company, I was able to help grow their Facebook and Instagram following by over 350%.

    • Both business school and my prior work experience as a social media manager were great but I’m ready to take on another challenge and contribute to the overall goals of (Company Name) as the (Job Title). I’ve heard nothing but great things about your company and believe my experience would be valued there.

Download the pdf of how to answer “tell me more about yourself” below

Tell Me About Yourself Interview Question and Answer Example pdf Download

Wrapping Up | How to Answer “Tell Me About Yourself”

Start with a solid handshake, hello, and smile to catch the interviewer's attention. 

Look to start with relevant information about yourself relating to the role. Then proceed to talk about your most recent position, past roles, and why you're excited about the potential opportunity.

Stitch in a few significant achievements and accomplishments to show the hiring manager what you're capable of. 

To recap, here our best “tell me about yourself” bits of advice:

  • Customize Your Answer to the Job Description/Company

  • Provide Numbers/Metrics

  • Keep It Professional

  • Don't List Your Resume

  • Get Passionate About Your Answer

  • Keep Negative Opinions to Yourself

  • Practice

Don't ramble on, but make sure relevant information is presented. Remember, this is your first impression, which often makes a significant impact on how the rest of your interview will go. 

Best of luck! 


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