ZipRecruiter vs Indeed

ziprecruiter vs indeed

ZipRecruiter vs Indeed

There are TONS of job boards on the internet today with ZipRecruiter and Indeed rounding out the top of the list. Finding and utilizing the right one to land your dream career can make all the difference.

So, who wins in the ZipRecruiter vs Indeed job board matchup? Here’s what we found!

Questions Answered:

  • ZipRecruiter overview
  • Indeed overview
  • ZipRecruiter vs Indeed (and the winner is…)

The job search can be tough, but utilizing job boards can make this often stressful experience, much easier.

ZipRecruiter and Indeed are two of the biggest names in the online job board industry.

Both companies have their pros and cons when searching for a job, but which one has the best mix of tools and capabilities.

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What is ZipRecruiter

ZipRecruiter was founded in 2010 and is one of the largest job search engines on the internet today. Companies post jobs on the ZipRecruiter site which are then dispersed to over 100 different job boards.

For Organizations:

The site also allows companies to search through resumes for specific keywords and offer direct job applications to qualified candidates.

For Job Seekers:

As a job seeker on ZipRecruiter, you can search for jobs, post your resume, quickly apply for jobs on the site, and sign up for job alerts. 

These tools are designed to help you find the right job while eliminating tedious searching during the application process.

ZipRecruiter Pros:

  • Apply quickly once you set up your account
  • It is free to use for job seekers
  • Easy to use app makes them very mobile friendly

ZipRecruiter Cons:

  • Companies often have to pay to post on the site; this could limit how many applications you see
  • The notification system can spam you if not set properly
  • Some of the jobs offered through your resume search may be scams, especially pyramid schemes 


What is Indeed?

Indeed is the largest job posting site on the internet. It was founded in 2005, and it has garnered an excellent reputation for both posting and finding jobs.

For Organizations:

One huge advantage is that the site is free to use for both job seekers and companies looking to hire.

There are features for companies that cost money. These features increase their post traffic, but the company doesn’t have to use that.

For Job Seekers:

Job seekers can post their resume, apply for jobs, and take assessments. They can also find reviews and information about the companies they apply to all on-site.

When applying for jobs, you will either have to go to the company’s site, or you can apply through Indeed.

The assessments are also a nice feature. They help prove that you have the skills that are listed in your resume.

This information can help companies decide if they should pursue you or not.

Indeed Pros:

  • Free for everyone to use, so you will find more companies posting jobs there
  • Assessments help prove claims on your resume 
  • Reviews of the companies on the site make them easier to research

Indeed Cons:

  • The application process isn’t as streamlined, so it can take longer
  • Can’t customize your job search as much 
  • Because of the free post, you do have to search through more useless postings

ZipRecruiter vs Indeed, who is the winner? 

So, is ZipRecruiter better than Indeed or the other way around?

Both companies have their upsides, and since they are free to use, you should probably look to utilize both when you are searching for a job.

If you can only choose one though, ZipRecruiter narrowly wins due to its large job pool and ease of use.

We hope that helps – good luck with the job search!

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