11 Best Staffing Agencies for 2022 (Temp Agencies Close to Home)

Staffing agencies/recruiting firms have become a popular choice for job seekers throughout the years.

With so many options available today, we decided to do some digging and came up with the best agencies to help you quickly find a job!

This is a great place to start if you have never used a staffing agency before.

Staffing Agency

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Questions Answered

  • What is a staffing agency (what is their purpose)?

  • 11 best staffing agencies for job seekers

  • Do they charge a fee?

  • How do they work?

  • What kind of jobs do they offer?

  • What is the difference between a staffing agency and temp agency?

  • Benefits of working with an agency

  • Tips for working with an agency

Source | FX and ItsAlwaysSunny

Source | FX and ItsAlwaysSunny

For those who have recently been laid off or are simply looking for a change in careers, staffing agencies can help find new employment quickly, saving you hours or even days worth of fruitless effort and anxiety.

If you’re wondering how to make ends meet and tired of sifting through job postings, these online employment agencies are here to help.  

What is a Staffing Agency? (Definition)

Staffing agencies (also go by firms, solutions, partners, and services) recruit and pair job seekers with employers looking to fill open positions within their organization.

The jobs they hire for can range from full time permanent work to month by month contracts.

In the staffing agency model/industry, employers are able to fill their job openings while candidates find fulfilling careers - Win Win!

Top 11 Staffing Agencies for Job Seekers

“So, what are the best staffing agencies near me?”

Whether you’re struggling to find a new job or looking to change your career path, the following staffing services can help in locating your next employment opportunity.

Robert Half | Staffing Agency #1

Source: Robert Half

Robert Half is a dominant force in the staffing agency providing jobs in five different categories: Accounting and Finance, Administrative and Office, Technology and IT, Creative and Marketing, and Legal.

This staffing solution will work to place you in a suitable position while also providing a platform for you to communicate directly with hiring managers. 

With over 325 office locations throughout 42 states, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll find an office near your location. It’s up to you whether to meet with someone in person or to sign up online.

If you prefer, you can browse through the frequently-updated list of remote positions posted on their website.

Overall Review: 9/10

Randstad | Staffing Agency #2

Source: randstad

Randstad is a multinational HR Consulting and recruitment agency for temporary and permanent staffing. The company has a global presence with over 4,000 branches in roughly 40 countries.

The company has a focus on recruiting talent within the IT, engineering, finance, and accounting industries.

If you send your resume to Randstad, one of their expert recruiters will review it and contact you if there are any openings that match your skillset.

If there aren’t any current jobs that fit, they'll keep your resume on file and continue to look out for positions that meet your back round and experience. Need help with your resume? Here are the top 5 resume writing services available.

Overall Review: 8.5/10

Adecco | Staffing Agency #3

Source: Adecco

The Adecco Group is one of the worlds largest provider of HR and staffing solutions operating in 5,400 locations and over 60 countries. They directly employ roughly 700,000 people a day and have 3.5 million people working under them.

The companies overall goal is to find permanent and temporary job opportunities for candidates within the legal, industrial, technical, and office sectors.

Job seekers can fill out a short application within the website and have Adecco start the job search. You can also use their job search function to look through open jobs and apply for specific positions.

Overall Review: 8/10

Artisan Talent | Staffing Agency #4

Source: Artisan Talent

According to its website, Artisan Talent is “a creative employment agency with a deep pool of digital, marketing, and creative talent.” They have a personal approach to pairing job seekers with employers, and they make an effort to find out what exactly you’re looking for in a job. 

This recruitment website specializes in creative-type jobs such as graphic design, copywriting, and project management.

If you live close to one of the eight offices throughout the US, you can schedule an in-person appointment. If not, you have the option to register online, and someone from the agency will get in touch with you.

They may be able to place you in a job closer to home, or set you up with a remote position. 

Overall Review: 7/10

Kelly Services | Staffing Agency #5

Source: Kelly

This staffing agency is all about “enabling new ways of working and growing.”

Career opportunities range across a number of fields, from science and education to government, engineering, and industrial.

Kelly Services works with ninety Fortune 100 companies and has access to over 70,000 hiring managers, so your resume is sure to get noticed.

To get started with Kelly Services, simply search for available positions on their website, or fill out an easy five-minute questionnaire for more personalized job suggestions.

They also have an option to search for remote jobs.

Overall Review: 7.5/10

Integrity Staffing Solutions | Staffing Agency #6

Source: Integrity Staffing

According to its website, Integrity Staffing Solutions is “passionate about connecting great talent with great companies across North America.”

This employment agency focuses on placing you in a job that’s consistent with your needs and wants. Their website provides career advice, 24/7 virtual chat, and a job search with thousands of listings posted every day. 

If you want to schedule an in-person meeting, Integrity Staffing Solutions has offices in 20 states, but it’s just as easy to get started with their online job search.

Overall Review: 7/10

KForce | Staffing Agency #7

Source: Kforce

KForce is a technology, finance, and accounting firm that works with over 4,000 companies.

According to their website, “Our recruiting experts work with you to understand your skill sets and career goals to place you in a great opportunity. We value long-lasting relationships and aim to partner with you throughout your career.”

You can meet with an agent in person at one of their 50 locations throughout the US, or upload your resume to get started online.

You can also use their job search function to look through open jobs and apply for specific positions.

Overall Review: 7/10

Addison Group | Staffing Agency #8

Source: Addison Group

Addison Group pairs job seekers with employers in many fields, including IT, financing and accounting, healthcare, digital marketing, and administrative positions.

Agents from this staffing agency prefer to meet with you face-to-face, getting to know you “beyond your resume.” They work hard to understand your personality to determine which organizations would be the best fit.

Addison Group has offices throughout the US but will conduct phone interviews for those who don’t live near a physical location.

They also offer a job search that allows you to view and apply for as many open positions as you want. Need help preparing for your job interview? Here are the 5 best job interview coaching services.

Overall Review: 6.5/10

ManpowerGroup | Staffing Agency #9

Source: Manpower

ManpowerGroup is a global player when it comes to recruitment expertise and has been in service for over 60 years. They currently operate within 80 countries/territories with a mission to lead in the creation and delivery of workforce solutions.

Manpower provides a variety of career opportunities throughout a large number of industries. They also provide additional career resources and educational opportunities based on your overall career goals.

This staffing agency focuses on placing you in a job that’s consistent with your needs and wants. With offices throughout the US and an online job search function, it’s simple to apply.

Manpower was recently named one of the World's Most Ethical Companies for the tenth time in 2019 making it an incredible organization you can feel great about working for.

Overall Review: 7.5/10

Projected change in employment in the United States from 2018 to 2028, by major industry

Source: Statista

Aerotek | Staffing Agency #10

Source: Aerotek

Aerotek is a well-established recruitment and staffing agency with over 30 years of experience and 200 locations in the US.

They have placed job seekers in hundreds of thousands of positions within industries like engineering, sciences, professional and industrial (to name a few).

Aerotek staffing solutions is focused on “bringing great people and great organizations together.” with values like diversity and inclusion, equal opportunity and corporate social responsibility.

Simply submit your resume and if it’s a good match for a client’s needs, a recruiter will reach out to learn more about you.

They also offer a job search function that allows you to view and apply for as many open positions as you want.

Overall Review: 7.5/10

Advanced Resources | Staffing Agency #11

Source: Advanced Resources

On its website, Advanced Resources states, “Our approach to staffing solutions is unique. We want you to have the most personal, efficient, and enjoyable experience. That’s why we invest heavily in our internal team, our training, and our technology. We want to be the easiest staffing firm you’ve ever partnered with.”

Supplying jobs in human resources, technology, accounting and finance, and workforce solutions, Advanced Resources has won the Best of Staffing Diamond Award every year the award has been given.

They have several locations in Illinois and New York, but you can search for open jobs online from anywhere in the country. 

They can also provide you with notifications of new openings that match your credentials and preferences.

Overall Review: 6/10

List of Additional staffing agencies

  • TEKsystems | Hanover, Maryland

  • Korn Ferry | Los Angeles, California

  • Lucas Group | Atlanta, Georgia

  • AppleOne | Glendale, California

  • Express Employment Professionals | Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

  • Accent Professional Recruiting | Mechanicsville, Virginia

  • Vaco | Brentwood, Tennessee

  • Crawford Thomas Recruiting | Orlando, Florida

  • DHR International | Chicago, Illinois

  • MRINetwork | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

  • AB Staffing Solutions | Gilbert, Arizona

  • American Recruiting and Consulting Group | Weston, Florida

  • Snelling | Richardson, Texas

  • Beacon Hill Staffing Group | Boston, Massachusetts

Source: Forbes | Americas Best Professional Recruiting Firms

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do Temp agencies work?

Essentially, staffing agencies match companies and job candidates, doing most of the leg work when it comes to finding you a new job.

They often conduct interviews or have you fill out applications so they can get a feel for your interests and qualifications; then, they will promote you to hiring managers in their network, often landing you a temporary, contract-to-hire, or permanent job within a couple of days (ideally).

What Kinds of Jobs Do Staffing Agencies Offer?

Staffing agencies offer just about all types of job opportunities throughout every industry.

Many focus their efforts and build expertise in a specific space like tech, finance, marketing, or administration. This gives them the experience and knowledge to quickly match job seekers with employers.

What is the difference between a staffing agency and a temp agency?

While temp agencies primarily offer temporary short term work lasting anywhere from a few days to a couple of months, a staffing agency generally specializes in filling long term contracts for their clients.

Temp agency, staffing solutions, employment agencies, executive search firm, staffing partners, placement agency etc. can all usually be categorized under the following work:

  • Short Term Gigs | Short gigs that generally last a few days to a couple of months

  • Contract Gigs | Short contracts typically filling in for absent employees, helping during a busy season, or working a project

  • Contract to Hire | Longer contracts that could potentially move into a full-time role later on

  • Full Time | Full-time roles where employers look to add to their team or replace a departing employee

Do employment agencies charge a fee? (Who pays)

Employment agencies do NOT charge a fee to a new associate or employee - the employer pays that fee.

Fees are paid by the hiring employer to an employment agency when they have successfully placed a suitable candidate/new employee with that employer.

Note: Be sure to ask when first starting out with an agency. Very rarely does an agency charge an employee but it’s worth figuring out before you get to work.

Benefits of Working with a staffing agency

There are a number of benefits you receive when working with a staffing company but a few stick out amongst the rest:

  • You get to partner with a recruiter who matches you with the best fit jobs available

  • You have access to jobs that aren’t often posted in other locations (job boards, LinkedIn, etc.)

  • Recruiters will often help polish up your resume for free

  • You gain valuable feedback from the recruiters since they want to see you succeed

What are some Tips for Working with an Agency?

Every employment agency has their differences so before you even get started, find out what kind of services you can expect and what they exactly expect of you.

  • Ask about pay rate, how long the assignment will be, time off (not likely), or any other benefits worth noting

  • Let them know the time’s you available to work

  • Always be professional while working with your employment agency

  • Don’t just rely on them to find work. Continue to seek out opportunities by networking, utilizing job boards, or connecting on LinkedIn

Wrapping Up | Best Staffing Agencies Near Me

Staffing agencies act as a middleman between employers and job seekers, helping match qualified candidates with organizations that have current job openings.

A match made in heaven for both sides!

While searching for a job can be challenging, the right staffing partner can help make your life a little easier. To recap, here are the top 11 staffing solutions:

  1. Robert Half

  2. Randstad

  3. Adecco

  4. Artisan Talent

  5. Kelly Services

  6. Integrity Staffing Solutions

  7. Kforce

  8. Addison Group

  9. Manpower

  10. Aerotek

  11. Advanced Resources

Whatever industry you specialize in, the agencies listed above can help you find the perfect temporary, permanent, or remote opportunity to move your career along.

Take the next step forward by reaching out to whatever organizations best meets your needs.

Best of luck!

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