How to Write an Amazing LinkedIn Recommendation in 2023 (with Examples)

how to write a linkedin recommendation

how to write a linkedIn recommendation

Writing a LinkedIn recommendation is a great nod of appreciation towards a former colleague or company manager. It’s also a great way to get one back yourself. 

Here’s how to write an amazing LinkedIn recommendation in under 3 minutes (with examples).

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We have all worked with an amazing manager or colleague (at least I hope so) at one time in our careers. At some point they might request a recommendation at which I’m sure you would be ecstatic to write.

The only issue is that writing something meaningful and heartfelt usually takes time – more time than we’d like. What should you say? How should I describe them? What achievements should I include?

Writer’s block can strike during the worst of times and puzzling together a well thought out recommendation is no exception.

Don’t fret though – here’s a simple four step process on how to write a quick and amazing LinkedIn recommendation next time someone asks.

What is a LinkedIn recommendation?

LinkedIn recommendations are social proof of a skill or qualification that is displayed on a LinkedIn profile.

It’s a nod towards a co-worker, mentor, or previous manager to recognize their skillset and recommend them for any future job or partnership opportunities.

Why do these recommendations matter?

When hiring managers and employers are looking to hire, they often seek out recommendations from previous co-workers or employers to get a good sense of how great of a fit this potential candidate could be.

Any positive recommendation enhances the credibility of the person’s skillset within their LinkedIn profile. An added bonus is that writing a LinkedIn recommendation often leads to receiving a recommendation back.


how to write a recommendation on linkedIn (5 Easy Steps)

1. How to get there

Before you get to writing this recommendation you will need to: Sign into LinkedIn – Type the name of the person you will be recommending in the search bar – Click “more” – Select “recommend” and fill out the rest of the requirements – Click “send”

2. The Opening Line

Look to grab the reader’s attention right away. Start out with a bang and catch their eye so they continue reading. Summarize what sticks out in a short, simple sentence. 

3. What’s Your Relationship

How do you know this person? Are they a co-worker or previous manager? Touch on the connection you’ve had and explain how your relationship was meaningful. This helps validate why you are qualified to give a recommendation.  

4. Why They Are So Great

Run through one to three reasons why you are recommending this person. You likely think highly of this individual for specific reasons, so point them out. This can be any type of soft skill (master communicator) or a hard skill (Google Ads wiz).

5. Wrap Up With A Tip Of The Hat 

Wrap your recommendation up with a single, to the point, sentence. Let the reader know why you believe they’d be a great asset to any employer looking for somebody to hire.

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LinkedIn Recommendation Examples

LinkedIn Recommendation Example (for Boss)

“Noble Leader” comes to mind when I think about Jessica. I’ve had the pleasure of working for her the last 3 years, during which we’ve established and delivered on multiple successful marketing campaigns. Since day one I’ve been impressed with Jessica’s ability to lead our team and consistently deliver amazing results for our clients. She would be a great asset for any employer looking to hire a project manager that can take campaigns to the next level – I highly recommend her!

LinkedIn Recommendation Example (for Colleague)

Rob is a standout coworker who always gets the job done. I had the pleasure of working alongside Rob for the last two years managing shipments for a large retail supply chain. His biggest strength is his ability to deal with and maneuver high pressure situations without losing productivity within the warehouse. He’s a true leader and a wiz with any warehouse management system (WMS). Without hesitation, I would recommend Rob to anyone looking for a reliable warehouse supervisor!

LinkedIn Recommendation Example (for mentor)

Becky is that standout mentor everyone needs in their corner! I’m happy to report that during the time we worked together at Stark Industries, Becky helped me rapidly advance in my career. Her ability to get the best out of people through her management style is one of the key reasons I am where I am today. Becky is the ultimate mentor and would be an asset to anyone looking to grow in their career!

What other ways can I use LinkedIn?

LinkedIn can be used for a variety of purposes, including: building and maintaining a professional online presence, finding job opportunities, networking with other like minded professionals, keeping up with industry news and trends, and promoting your personal brand.

“40% of LinkedIn users change their job, company, or industry every 4 years.”

— Hootsuite

Wrapping Up | how to write a linkedIn recommendation

There it is! 4 steps to write a quality LinkedIn recommendation in as many minutes. To recap on how to write a proper recommendation:

  • Catch their attention with a solid opening line
  • Establish how you know the person
  • Shine a light on why they are so great
  • Wrap things up with a solid recommendation 

Look to keep it short, avoid cliches and provide value to the reader.

While these recommendations should be professional, remember to write in an upbeat and personable tone.Best of luck!

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