What is an Open Interview? (How to Prepare in 2023)

what is an open interview

Open Job Interview

An open interview (often called a hiring event) is a way for companies to accept job applications and conduct onsite interviews in a group format.

They are a unique opportunity for you to meet with potential employers face-to-face and create a distinctive first impression.

With proper preparation, open interviews can lead to offers of employment on the spot, which can significantly cut down the waiting time in your job search.

Read on to learn more about what to expect in an open interview, the hiring process itself, and how to increase your likelihood of getting a job offer when attending one.

How to prepare for an Open Interview in 2023

1. Read the Event Description 

Though this one might seem obvious, you would be surprised how frequently people turn up to an open interview event without comprehensively reading more about the job first.

This job description will give you some clues as to what they expect from candidates and what you should expect from them. 

The company will also provide some details about the position up for grabs – though this information might be a little scarce compared to more traditional ways of applying for jobs.

They can tell you any necessary certification for the job, physical requirements, or other details which will help you to determine whether it would be a good fit for you, but this is at the company’s discretion.

They may also inform you about what you need to bring with you and what to wear to the interview. 

2. Research the Company Beforehand

Often, there are many candidates at these kinds of events, so differentiating yourself is integral. Understanding the company goals and plans helps you stick out from the rest.

Finding company about pages, news sections, and LinkedIn accounts associated with the organization can give you a great understanding of what it is like to work there. 

Hiring managers love a candidate who has done their research, making this a simple but effective technique to win them over.

3. Update Your Resume

Update your resume so that it is relevant to a specific job to show recruiters what a good fit you are for the role.

You can do this by reflecting on your past experiences and matching the job requirements to your qualifications and skills.

Ensure that all of the changes you make to your resume will paint a clear picture for the recruitment team to see your skill set in relation to the job requirements.

“They say the first impression is the last, and it’s been reported that people only have seven seconds, on average, to make a great first impression.One in four recruiters reportedly will pass on a candidate who isn’t dressed for the part.”

— Simplilearn

4. Dress Appropriately for the Event

The company holding the open interview will indicate if there is a dress code for the event – if they have outlined this for you, make sure to follow their guidance.

If there is no specific callout in the description, you should research the company to get an idea of what is deemed appropriate clothing in their offices.

Always dress neat and tidy; in most cases, a trusty pair of slacks, a skirt, or even dark-colored jeans paired with a dressy top will do the trick.

5. Practice Interview Questions 

Typically, open interviews are slightly shorter than your more traditional interviews, as hiring managers will have a lot of people to work their way through.

To prepare for this different format, practice a short summary of yourself to share with the potential employer – giving them a good idea of what you have to offer. 

interview question meme

6. Expect to Wait 

As the name suggests, an open interview is open to many people – so you might have to wait a while to be interviewed.

Typically, interviews are offered on a first-come, first-served basis, so if you want to avoid a wait, you should arrive early. 

You should also RSVP to the company ahead of time if you can so that they have an accurate number of attendees on their records.

Overall, bring things to help you stay calm, comfortable, and at the top of your game in the run-up to your discussion. 

7. Bring a Copy of Your Resume

You should take at least five copies of your printed resume and an additional list of references so that you can give them out to hiring managers and interviewers.

You should also bring proof of specific certifications that employers have asked for or forms of identification, such as passports or driving licenses, if needed. 


What to wear to an open interview?

When attending an open interview, it’s essential to dress in business casual attire. This means wearing clean, pressed slacks or khakis, a collared shirt, and closed-toe shoes.

Avoid wearing clothing that is too casual, such as jeans or sneakers. If you are unsure about the dress code, it’s always a good idea to err on the side of caution and dress more formally.

How long are open interviews?

The length of an open interview can vary depending on the company and the position you are applying for. Some open discussions may only last a few minutes, while others may be more extensive and last up to an hour.

It’s a good idea to be prepared for a range of lengths, as you never know how long the interview will take. But in general, it’s a good idea to expect an open discussion to last anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour.

Wrapping Up | Open Interviews

As you finish the interview, ask the recruiters for their business cards so that you have their emails to send them a follow-up email.

It’s just a simple, polite way to thank them for their time, and it might help you to stand out from other candidates.

An open interview is an excellent opportunity to find a job quickly. But like any other job interview, preparation is the key to success within this kind of hiring event.

Do your research, practice beforehand, and put your best foot forward. You will be on to the second interview in no time.

Best of luck!

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