5 Best Online Job Interview Coaching Services for 2023

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Interview Coaching Online

Are you nervous about an upcoming interview? These five excellent job interview coaching services can help you win over the hiring manager.

Questions Answered (updated for 2023)

  • Why would you need a job interview coach?
  • What are the best interview coaching services?
  • How much do these sessions cost?

What does an interview coach do?

Anyone can benefit from having a job interview coach. They’re essential to improving your interview skills and increasing your chances of getting a job. When you should consider seeking an interview coach:

  • You get interviews but never a job offer
  • You get nervous easily
  • There are issues or gaps in your employment
  • You haven’t had a job in years
  • You’re interviewing for your dream job
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Your coach will act as the potential employer during the mock interview, asking similar questions that they would in a real job interview scenario.

From here, the coach will provide feedback on your overall performance, which you can utilize before the next big interview.

Practicing with a coach will make you more confident and better prepared for the upcoming job interview – which might boost your confidence.

5 Best Job Interview Coaching Services

If you find yourself sweating and shaking at the thought of a job interview, know you can prepare beforehand with an interview coaching service.

Many services are available today, but it can be tough to find out which is best for you. That’s where we come in – helping narrow down the options.

1. The Muse (our top Pick)


The Muse is one of the leading career platforms offering some of the most in-demand interview coaching services. You can choose between three tiers, with the highest tier providing more experienced coaches upon request.

Their services start at $139, though every coach will charge different prices.

Each tier includes a 75-minute meeting featuring a preliminary chat and a mock interview online (over Skype). Each service also provides feedback and a follow-up plan.

The Muse is easy to use. Once you choose your service, you can pick a career coach from various bios and reviews. From here, you book your appointment and prepare for your meeting.


2. TopInterview (Our Runner-Up)

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TopInterview has established itself as an industry leader in the interview coaching services space, which makes them a solid pick for anyone looking to upgrade their interviewing skills.

Their services start at $149, with many past customers landing roles at major companies, such as Boeing, Google, Deutsche Bank, and Spotify.

During the meeting, your coach will provide in-depth feedback and advice to fully prepare you for the big interview. 

TopInterview also stands out because your mock interview is recorded, so you can revisit the discussions often as needed.

They provide U.S based interview coaches for job seekers in all industries and levels. Sessions/services are conducted over the phone or through video. You can check out their prices and coaching packages here!


3. Resume Spice

resume spice

Resume Spice is a resume-building website, but they offer several career services, including interview preparation. They’re also based in the U.S.

Their services start at $129, making Resume Spice a more affordable option.

They offer shorter mock interviews online, with chats often ranging between 30-45 minutes long, compared to The Muse, which offers 75-minute conversations.

Their shorter mock interviews don’t compromise quality, though. Their coaches still ask common interview questions as well as difficult ones.

They will walk you through each question, helping you craft the best answers. They also offer advice that other interview services may not mention, such as what to wear to your interview or how your body language can improve/


4. Jody Michael Associates

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Jody Michael Associates is a Chicago-based company founded in 1996. The owner, Jody Michael, helps job seekers enhance their interview performance and works with executives to improve their leadership skills.

The other coaches on the Jody Michael Associates team specialize in different types of coaching. This includes executive, life, and even trader coaching.

All of their services offer one-on-one mock interviews where they not only ask challenging questions but also curveballs you’re not typically prepared for.

They will offer additional advice on other topics, from selling your brand to coming up with great answers on the spot.

The main downside of this service is they don’t offer prices. However, you can contact them and ask about a pricing structure.


5. Thumbtack


Thumbtack offers more than job coaching sessions; it is one of their most popular services.

They match you with mentors who live in your area, making choosing a coach extremely easy. The best coaches on the platform have badges such as “In High Demand” and “Top Pro,” so you know you’re getting the best mentor.

Unlike these other options, Thumbtack offers job interview coaches with niche backgrounds. You can match with a mentor who may ask questions specific to your field, something you may not have the luxury of with a more general job interview coaching service.

What if you don’t want to meet with a coach in person? No problem — Thumbtack offers online interview practice. You can choose either a video or phone meeting so you can still utilize their services in a remote setting.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much does an interview coach cost? (prices)

Interview coaching prices typically range between $90 to $150 per hour, with the more experienced coaches running well beyond that (upwards of $300+).

Most of the coaching services listed below provide mock interviews online and charge closer to $125 per hour.

How Long Are Interview Coaching Programs?

Interview coaching sessions typically run 30 to 90 minutes long, with programs often spanning days or even weeks before fully completed. This varies by service and is something you should ask about before making a commitment.

How Does an Interview Coaching Service Work? 

Interview coaching programs have their differences but tend to follow the same structure. After reviewing the different offers, you book a session(s) with a coach to run through every aspect of your upcoming interview. 

They provide actionable feedback to practice further and perfect your next interview. These mock interviews and elevator pitches are typically done through video calls or over the phone (rarely in person).

When should I not use a job interview coach?

Ultimately, whether or not to use a job interview coach is a personal decision that depends on your circumstances and needs. There may be situations when you may not want to use these services, though. Here are a few potential reasons:

  • You are confident in your interview skills and feel that you do not need additional help.
  • You cannot afford to pay for a coach.
  • You do not have time to work with a coach before your interview.
  • You are uncomfortable sharing personal or professional information with a coach.
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Wrapping Up | Best Job Interview Coaching Services

The most challenging part of the job search process is landing the interview, not the interview itself (since you already have a foot in the door).

And regardless of your skill level, hiring an interview coaching service is one of the best career investments you can make!

Their ability to help prepare you for the interview process can provide the confidence needed to beat the competition. To recap our favorite interview preparation coaching services:

  • TheMuse
  • TopInterview
  • Resume Spice
  • Jody Michael Associates
  • Thumbtack

Get started with a coaching session today to pave the way for future job interview opportunities. We hope this helps, and best of luck!

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