How Early Should You Arrive for an Interview?

how early should you arrive to an interview

“When should you arrive for an interview?”

Prior to any job interview, I’m sure this thought has run through your mind. Well, question no more for we have the answer!

How Early Should You Arrive for an Interview?

Arriving 15 to 20 minutes before your scheduled in person job interview is ideal. Any earlier than that won’t earn you extra credit with the hiring manager and any later starts flirting with potentially being late.

This gives you a few minutes to check-in at the front desk, use the bathroom to freshen up and get your bearings before heading into the interview.

Benefits of arriving early to the interview

  • Shows the hiring manager you are prepared and excited
  • Prepares you for any problems that arise (getting lost, having to check-in, etc.)
  • Eliminates any extra stress

How Early Should I Show up for Video (Zoom) Interviews?

For video interviews such as those on Zoom, Google Hangouts or Skype, look to be at least 5 minutes early. This gives you time to make sure there aren’t any technical difficulties to resolve before the interview begins.

Arriving late for an interview sends a bad message and shows a lack of commitment, regardless of the reasoning.

Start your job interview off the best way possible by showing up prepared and ready to go!

Good luck with the job interview!

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