Did My Interview Go Well? (Quiz)

did my interview go well quiz

Did the interview go well? Are you waiting to hear back? The conversation felt great, but you’re starting to wonder if the hiring manager thought the same thing. This quiz will tell you if you nailed or failed the interview!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

does getting an interview mean you got the job

No, receiving an interview request does NOT mean you got the job. Instead, it means you are being considered for the job. You can accept the job when an offer is made.

Signs a video interview went well

Wondering how to tell if your video job interview went well? Here are five positive signs things ran smoothly.

  • They ask about running a background check.
  • They sell you on the company and the benefits of working there.
  • They look to develop a personal connection.
  • They talk like you have already been hired.
  • They continue talking about salary and benefits.

What to do Next (based on your results)

Congrats – You Nailed the Interview!
Wait and See – Things Could Have Been Better
Bummer – Let’s Practice for the Next One

Quiz Text: Did You Fail the Job Interview Quiz? The job interview wraps up, and now you’re waiting for a response. Knowing how the interview went might help put your mind at ease. So, how did it go? Was the interview conversational? Was the interview shorter or longer than expected? Did the interviewer speak highly of the company and job? Did the interviewer ask about your skills and previous roles? Did they seem interested? Were you able to answer most of the interviewer’s questions? Did you meet with any others during the visit? Did the interviewer seem hurried toward the end of your discussion? Did the interviewer mention anything about the next steps at the end? Did you feel a good connection with the interviewer? Did they ask for your availability? Did the interviewer mention any concerns about you or your experience? Did you hear “when” or “if” during the interview? Did the follow-up thank you email you sent to get a positive response? How do you feel the interview went?

Title: Did you fail the job interview quiz

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