5 Effective Talent Sourcing Strategies For 2023

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Talent Sourcing Strategies

Talent sourcing is an important aspect of the hiring process and can significantly impact how a business performs. By implementing a well rounded talent sourcing strategy, organizations can increase their chances of finding the best candidates for their open roles.

There are various talent sourcing strategies that organizations can use to find the best candidates for their open positions. Here are 5 of our favorites to help find the best applicants.

Hiring the right employees contributes to the overall success of an organization. Nothing new there! So, how do you go about finding these top quality applicants? Through an effective sourcing strategy.

What Is Talent Sourcing?

Talent sourcing is the process of searching, identifying and connecting with potential candidates that possess the right skills and experience needed to fill any current or future positions within your organization. 

Something I got wrong early on in my career is that sourcing is NOT the same as recruiting. The recruitment process happens when recruiters guide applicants through steps prior to being hired.


1. Understand The Job Position

Understanding the job and what it all entails is extremely important during this process. As a talent sourcer, begin by finding out everything you need to know about the open job.

Ask questions, clarify details, and talk to the hiring managers to make sure you understand the requirements.

Would they consider an applicant who doesn’t have enough experience yet possesses the right skills and has the potential to step up? We don’t know until we ask.

Knowing what the hiring manager needs will help you qualify the right candidates. They may also know where your ideal candidates can be found. Maybe they have a list of sourcing channels you can utilize.

2. Search Through Former Candidates

Past candidates who didn’t make it through the full recruitment process could still be great options (just make sure to check the notes as to why they weren’t hired).

You can leverage your past efforts by going through every past candidate and reviewing their qualifications to see who’s a match.

You may also consider reviewing your current employees for a potential internal hire. Growing within the company is something employees strive for. If you have a great option, give them a chance.

3. Utilize Employee Referrals

Encourage your employees to refer qualified people for the job openings. Internal workers can be one of the best sources to help book untapped talent.

Having an employee you trust and know is a great worker, vouch for someone else can prevent bad hires from happening. Their credibility is on the line so they likely won’t refer a bad potential candidate.

An Employee Referral Program where they get an incentive for every qualified hire is a great way to develop a good list of applicants. 

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4. Build A Stronger Brand

Good candidates are more likely to respond to a company with a great reputation. Some might even consider leaving their current jobs if they are offered another position at a better organization.

While you can enter contests like the annual “Greatest Places to Work” to get the brand noticed, it all starts with how you treat your employees and clients. Positive word of mouth marketing is free!

You can also work with the marketing team to help strategize on building a good reputation for your brand.

5. Use LinkedIn

Look to utilize the professional network over 650 million members gather on today. LinkedIn is not only a place to find active job seekers, but it’s also a great place to find quality candidates who are passively seeking new employment.

Once you spot a potential candidate, send them an InMail and ask whether they would be interested in your job opening.

Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)

Why is talent sourcing important?

Simply put, talent sourcing is important because it helps organizations find the best candidates for their open jobs. By identifying and attracting qualified candidates, organizations can improve the quality of their candidate pool which can lead to better hiring decisions down the line.

Effective talent sourcing can also help organizations reduce the time and cost associated with the hiring process. By using various sourcing strategies, organizations can efficiently identify and attract qualified candidates, which can reduce the time it takes to fill open positions.

In addition, talent sourcing is important because it helps organizations build and maintain a strong employer brand and reputation. By cultivating a positive employer brand, organizations can attract top talent to their organization and make it easier to recruit the best candidates.

Is talent sourcing hard?

If you don’t have the right skills or people in place to handle it, talent sourcing can be a challenging process, especially in highly competitive job markets or for in demand roles.

Some of the factors that can make talent sourcing difficult include: a shortage of qualified candidates, competition for top talent, changing job market and limited company resources.

Wrapping Up | Candidate Sourcing Strategies

Although job boards work great for sourcing a high volume of talent, we believe there are better options when it comes to finding the best applicants. To recap our sourcing tips:

  • Know/Understand the Job Requirements
  • Search Former Candidates
  • Utilize Employee Referrals
  • Build a Strong and Recognizable Brand
  • Utilize LinkedIn’s Capabilities

Take advantage of the strategies above to maintain a healthy pipeline of great candidates and increase your organization’s recruiting effectiveness. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions around the talent sourcing process.

Best of luck!

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