Can HR Work Remotely? (with Remote HR Jobs)

can you work remotely in hr

Can HR Work From Home

Have you ever wondered if working in HR from the comfort of your home is possible? With so many companies now offering remote/hybrid options, it’s a question that has continued to become more relevant.

We’re going to answer whether HR remote work is possible, dive into the topic of remote HR-related careers, and take a closer look at the pros and cons of this type of work.

HR is an integral department in any growing company, primarily focusing on tasks like recruiting, payroll, compliance, and training new qualified applicants and hires (amongst a list of other things).

Many people enjoy jobs in HR departments because they can foster a positive work environment and keep the company organized. With the resurgence of remote work, I’ve received this question time and time again – can HR leaders work remotely? Let’s take a look!

Can I Work Remotely in HR?

Yes, HR employees can work remotely. As more of the workforce moves to work remotely, many HR employees join them.

Many of the responsibilities of an HR job detailed above are now digitized, and if most of a company’s employees are remote workers, there’s no reason for HR to work in an office as well.

If you love working as a human resources team member but are sick of the 9-5 office life, remote work arrangements are possible, so ask your employer for more details!

High-Paying Remote HR Jobs

If you enjoy the work of an HR professional but don’t want to commute to the office, below are human resource management positions that pay well and can be performed remotely.  

1. HR Administrator

HR Administrators are the first point of contact for every team member. So when they have a problem but don’t know who to talk to first, they contact the HR administrator, who helps them down the right path, even as remote staff.

2. Operations Associate

An HR Operations Associate or human resources generalist monitors the employee lifecycle to ensure each person goes through the proper channels.

They ensure new hires complete any necessary legal documentation and training courses before becoming full-time team members. 

3. Administrative Assistant

HR Admin Assistants work many nitty-gritty-type tasks, such as processing payroll, uploading employee documentation, and maintaining the HR database. They are well compensated for it, though.

4. Shared Services Specialist

This type of human resources specialist is responsible for streamlining all employee communications to ensure high satisfaction and clear lines of contact.

So when departments have to collaborate or connect during work hours, they help facilitate these in an organized manner. 

5. Training and Organizational Development Specialist

A Training and Organizational Development Specialist focuses on modifying and improving the training program so new talent can get onboarded as efficiently as possible.

They work to adjust and grow the training and onboarding process so it’s constantly improving. 

6. Human Resources Director

HR Directors oversee the HR department and may be responsible for managing a team of HR professionals. They typically earn high salaries and may also receive bonuses and stock options.

7. Talent Acquisition Manager

Talent Acquisition Managers are responsible for finding and hiring top talent for an organization. They often earn high salaries, mainly if they are successful at attracting and retaining top talent.

8. Compensation and Benefits Manager

Compensation and Benefits Managers are responsible for developing and implementing an organization’s compensation and benefits policies. They typically earn relatively high salaries and may also receive bonuses based on their performance.

9. Training and Development Manager

Training and Development Managers are responsible for designing and delivering training programs to employees. They often earn high salaries, particularly if they have a strong track record of improving employee skills and performance.

Benefits of Remote Work

There are many benefits to remote work for both employees and employers, like increased flexibility, reduced commute time, access to more candidates, and general cost savings around an office space.

Wrapping Up | Remote HR Work

Whether you’re the human resources manager or HR coordinator, you can efficiently perform your everyday tasks from the comfort of your couch.

High-paying remote HR jobs are accessible and fit many people’s skill sets, making them a popular profession.

If you possess the skills needed to fulfill this type of work and enjoy working from home, a remote career in HR might be a good choice.

We hope this helps, and best of luck in your job search!

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