Should I Upload Resume As A PDF Or Doc?

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Resume PDF or Word

What is the Best Format to Upload and Send a Resume? (Word or PDF)

Although both file types have pros and cons, PDF is usually the better format when sending a resume because it preserves its formatting regardless of the device.

In general, most employers will accept either a Word document or PDF file, leaving the decision up to you, but there are a few things to consider when deciding which one to use:

  1. Compatibility: PDFs are more widely compatible than DOC files, as they can be opened on a wider range of devices and software.
  2. Editing: DOC files are easier to edit than PDFs, as they can be opened and edited in word processing software like Microsoft Word. PDFs can be edited, but it requires specialized software.
  3. Size: PDFs are generally smaller than DOC files, which can be important if you are uploading your resume to an online application system or emailing it as an attachment.

Overall, either file format is acceptable for uploading a resume. It’s up to you to decide which one is more convenient for you to use.

Here are a few rules you can follow:

  • If you’re sending a resume directly to the hiring manager, use a PDF (it generally looks more professional and can’t be altered).
  • If you send a resume directly to a recruiter or an online job board, use a Word Doc (PDFs don’t always upload properly, and the ATS might not pick up on every keyword).

While uploading your document with the proper formatting is extremely important, the content/copy is what you should focus your time on.

Good luck!

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