Demoted At Work: How To Handle A Job Demotion In 2023

what does demoted mean

What Does Demoted Mean

When a company hires you, you hope to have a stable career and stay around for a long time. So when you get hit with a surprise demotion, it can feel like the company isn’t happy with your work or doesn’t see you as a long-term fixture within the organization. 

While a demotion feels like a kick to the stomach, it isn’t always bad news. Here’s what being demoted means and why companies issue them.

What Does Demoted Mean?

Demoted is a type of “downgrade” in which an employee is involuntarily moved down in rank or status within the company. 

This is often due to a performance issue or form of disciplinary action. Still, filling an open position elsewhere in the company may also be because they are simply a better fit.


How To Handle A Job Demotion In 2023

You mustn’t lash out or say something you don’t mean if you’re demoted. It might be tough right away, but keep your head down and work harder than ever. You’ll be back in a good spot soon enough. 

The two primary ways you can handle a demotion are;

  • Continuing to work at the same company but asking your manager what you can improve on to climb the corporate latter and grow your career with the organization
  • Look for a new job. If the demotion isn’t where you want to go career-wise, consider brushing off your resume and start looking for something new you will be happy doing.   

A demotion is a temporary setback, and you’ll return to your feet soon enough. This can be a humiliating and frustrating experience, but it doesn’t mean the company doesn’t want you there. 

Move on and focus on doing your best in the new position – wherever that might be!

Title: What Does Demoted Mean?

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