Should I Quit My Job Quiz

should i quit quiz

Quitting your job. Whether it’s burnout, curiosity, or a bad work environment, we have all thought about this at some point in our careers.

Although we generally suggest tackling any workplace issues head-on and quitting as a last resort, there are times when your best decision might be to find a new career.

Note: Due to the current state of our work world, the number of available jobs has decreased with the overall job seeker pool increasing. With that said, it may be more challenging to find a job, so carefully analyze your situation before making any permanent decisions.


Should I Quit My Job?

Once you’ve finished the quiz, check out some of the additional resources below to help move your career forward. Best of luck with your current job and any future opportunities that present themselves!

What To Do Next

Result: Stay but Keep Your Options Open and Resume Ready
Result: Start Looking for Something New

Quiz Text: Should you stay or should you go? Quitting your job is a serious career decision but often the necessary move. Is it time for you to move on? Take the quiz to find out. Do you constantly tell yourself, “I Should Quit”? Does management look past you for high-profile projects or promotions? I have the feeling of when doing my job. After work, I often?. Come Sunday, do you start dreading Monday? I get hours of actual work done during a typical 8-hour day. My coworkers are. The only thing holding me back from applying elsewhere is? I miss it because of my work. I wake up each day feeling. I suggest a friend work here.

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Title: Should I Quit My Job Quiz

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