Job Application Process (Explained Through the Bachelorette)

The job application process can often be lengthy and stressful. Understanding the steps involved will help ease some of those frustrations.

Here’s what a common job application process looks like, explained through ABC’s hit show, the Bachelorette.

Job Application Process

Text: Applying for a job explained through the bachelorette

  • First Impressions

  • First Cut

    • After a look at all of the potential qualified resumes, the hiring manager narrows it down to a list of the best qualified candidates (for their particular needs)

  • Group and One on One Dates

    • First round interviews could be in a group setting or individually. The hiring manager talks about the company and asks you various questions to get to know you better - the large list of candidates i dwindled down

  • Hometown Dates

    • Only a handful of candidates remain. During the second interview, you meet the rest of the team and might be interviewed by others to see if you are a fit for the role and company

  • Fantasy Suites

    • Both you and the employer have gotten a good feel for each other by now. The final interviews take place and any a potential offer is discussed 

  • Proposal 

    • The job offer is made and you happily accept. Hoping this initial burst of excitement for the role lasts for years to come

Title: Job Application Process (Explained Through the Bachelorette)

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