How to Answer “What Makes You Unique” Job Interview Questions

what makes you unique interview questions

What Makes You Unique

How Do You Answer “What Makes You Unique?” Interview Question

You can answer “what makes you unique” by creating a short, detailed sales pitch explaining why you deserve the job.

Everyone is unique in their own way. Find what makes you special and state your case for the job by telling a story around it!

Anyone can say they “work hard” or are “data drive” but what they want to hear is the proof behind it. Develop an answer that is relevant and relates to your uniqueness around the job itself.

4 Simple Tips/Action Steps to follow

  1. Mention skills listed in the job description.
  2. Provide examples from your background.
  3. Avoid generic phrases like “I work hard”.
  4. Include key personality traits that will allow you to deliver similar results in the future.


What to Avoid:

  • Don’t overshare about your personal life. Try to keep things professional.
  • Don’t lie about your skills or work history. They will figure it out!
  • Don’t bring a negative attitude to the interview. Avoid talking down about other applicants and your previous employer.


Remember, when you’re answering the job interview question “What makes you unique”, hiring managers are really looking for details on why you are the best fit for that particular job.

Look to stand out in your answer but keep things relevant and professional. We hope this helps and good luck with the interview!

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