Do You Get Paid for Jury Duty?

do you get paid for jury duty

Do You Have to Pay for Jury Duty

Jury duty is a touchy subject.

Some people love taking part in the legal process, and others hate it with a passion.

Regardless of your personal feelings about jury duty, it is a civil service, and it takes time from your busy day to participate in it.

In short, it’s a job.

So, just like any job, you’re probably wondering “Do you get paid for jury duty?”

Well, yes, you do. However, you should know what to expect before you get all giddy next time you get a jury duty summons in the mail.

How Are You Paid for Jury Duty?

The main way you get paid for jury duty is through the court system. This is the case for all fifty states, but the amount you are paid can vary dramatically from state to state.

You will be compensated per your state’s jury duty laws for any time you spend fulfilling the duties of your summons.

This means that if you show up to the courthouse and spend three hours waiting, just to be weeded out and sent home, you will receive some compensation for the time you spent at the courthouse.

If you are chosen for jury duty, every day you spend participating in the relevant case will also be compensated.

Unfortunately, this compensation usually isn’t a very attractive amount. It’s considered a token payment for serving your community, and it will likely not match the wages you’d receive from working a normal job for the same amount of time.

In some cases, compensation might be just enough to cover the gas it took to show up. So, don’t get too excited.


Do Employers have to Pay for Jury Duty?

Whenever jury duty comes up, a big topic for those in the labor force is whether or not their employers have to pay for their time spent away from work as part of a jury.

Unfortunately, your employer does not have to pay you for that time. Considering how low most states pay for jury duty, this can be problematic.

However, your employer does have to give you the time you need to fulfill your jury duty obligations.

If that means a day off to see if you get chosen, then they must give you that day off without repercussions.

If that means you need three weeks off to deal with a particularly complex case, then they must afford you that time.

Typically, this time is separate from the accrued time off that you earn through your normal job agreement, but different states do have slightly different laws.


Wrapping Up | Do You Get Paid for Jury Duty

Regardless of which state you live in, you will be paid for jury duty, and your employer will have to give you time off.

There are small details that vary depending on the state, but the above statement is true across the country.

Depending on the state, your employer, and the situation, less obvious state laws might work in your favor and help reduce any financial setbacks or loss of accrued time off.

It’s worth researching your state laws to ensure you’re treated properly when it’s time to serve.

Best of luck!

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