Can Marketing Jobs Be Done Remotely?

can you work remotely in marketing

Remote Marketing Positions

Today’s work-from-home frenzy has opened up remote work for several business-related jobs – Marketing being one of them!

As a former Marketing Coordinator, I can say that most of what we did as a team could be done online. But what about the other marketing-related roles – is it this easy across the whole industry?

While many high-paying remote marketing positions are out there and available today, here are a few of our favorites.

Can Marketing Jobs Be Done Remotely?

Even before the covid pandemic hit, many marketing jobs were done from the comfort of a home (or remote office).

Your average marketing job will often consist of dissecting reports, creating ads, and determining a company’s target audience – which can all be done from a computer. And while there is moderate collaboration, you can easily communicate via email or video calls when working remotely.

High-Paying Remote Marketing Jobs

If you want to stop driving to the office every day of your life and be a part of a remote-first work team, check out our best high-paying remote marketing jobs available today. 

1. Marketing Analyst (My Favorite Career Pick for Marketing)

Marketing Analysts, often referred to as “marketing coordinators,” collects data and organize it into clear reports to help companies determine what products sell well, which don’t, and how to price products effectively.

They focus on the target audience and create marketing strategies to entice the right demographic. 

2. Digital Marketing Specialist

Digital Marketing Specialists create and optimize advertisements and a company’s online presence to ensure they’re taking advantage of all marketing avenues. They often work with marketing analysts to determine the best advertising images and terminology. 

3. Project Manager

The average Marketing Project Manager oversees many other marketing specialists, ensuring projects are completed and delivered on time (amongst a handful of other tasks).

They often make game plans for their team to follow and preview all work before submitting it to the client or higher-ups in the company. 

4. Public Relations Manager 

Public Relations Managers (PR managers) look to maintain and improve the public image of a company or individual client. They often supervise social media managers, digital marketing specialists, and other creative roles.

Their job is to nurture a positive reputation and public image and perform damage control when anything negative happens that involves the company name. 

5. Art Director 

An Art Director in a marketing department is responsible for most of the creative vision. They oversee artists and the marketing team to achieve the proper advertising aesthetic for the company and the target audience.

Art Directors must have excellent attention to detail and understand the product and target audience. 

Wrapping Up | Marketing Jobs from Home

In our current digital world of work, most marketing tasks are done on a computer. So it’s an easy profession to transition into remote work and create a more comfortable work-life balance if that’s what you want.

In addition to the jobs listed here, you may find other remote job opportunities in marketing, like product marketing, social media marketing, social media management, marketing director, and many more.

Before the pandemic, many marketing staff members were already working from home, but now the number of remote marketing jobs has grown immensely.

If you’re looking for a role that can be done from the comfort of your home, a remote marketing career might be for you. Let us know if you have any questions – we are always happy to help.

Best of luck in the job search!

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