7 Best Freelance Jobs From Home in 2023 (with Earning Potential)

best freelance jobs from home

Best Freelance Jobs From Home

Are you looking to ditch the office 9 to 5 and find a legitimate work-from-home freelance job? This is a dream for many that might not be so tough to accomplish.

Available Freelance work is at an all-time high, continuing to grow year after year. Here are some freelance jobs that can get you started!

Questions Answered

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  • What are some of the best freelance jobs from home?
  • What do those freelance gigs generally pay?
  • What freelance jobs are in demand?
  • Some of the highest-paying freelance gigs

What Comes To Mind When You Hear The Word “Freelancer?

Maybe a young professional typing away in their PJs, coffee in hand, within the comfort of their home? Or a virtual assistant answering phone calls and managing their clients with HoneyBook while lying in bed?

These freelancers stay busy with great-paying, consistent work regardless of how you see them.

Due to businesses worldwide continuing to outsource specific tasks, there’s a growing number of freelance jobs available in the marketplace – freelance jobs with lessons you can complete from the comfort of your bed.

They are seeking individuals (working at a home desk in their PJs) who possess specific skills – skills you might have!

What are Freelance Jobs?

Freelance jobs are contract gigs or tasks that a self-employed person performs for an organization rather than working full-time with that company.

Freelancers are not considered employees but instead are generally thought of as contractors. Merriam-Webster defines “Freelancer” as a person who pursues a profession without a long-term commitment to any one employer.

Here Are our 7 Best Freelance Jobs From Home in 2023

1. Writing/Copywriting

The most common and apparent freelance job from home is freelance writing. There are countless writing gigs ranging from copywriting to journalism, social media blogging, to product descriptions.

What is Freelance Writing?

Freelance writing is when an individual writer earns money on a per-task basis writing on one’s own, usually for short-term work. Freelance writers aren’t employees of a firm that allows them to complete different jobs by various individuals or businesses.

If you’re a young professional with quality writing skills, this might be a great way to generate additional income or replace your full-time job. 

Now, more than ever, writers are needed to create ideas that fill up websites on the internet. The current size of the World Wide Web/Internet contains at least 5.23 billion pages (WorldwideWebsize). That’s a lot of content to write!

While many larger businesses and websites have in-house writers, more and more companies are turning to freelancers when outsourcing their written work.

Editing and proofreading can also be tossed under the freelance writing category. If you have a solid eye for detail, editing and proofreading freelance gigs might be an excellent option. 

Earning Potential: Writing fees as a freelancer varies on the client and your overall experience. Many can earn between $50-$700 per article, making it a very intriguing option as a freelance job from home.


2. Marketing And PR 

With a cell phone and internet connection, you can perform marketing or PR work from home.

There may be the occasional on-site meeting and Skype call (throw on a decent shirt), but this is something you can thrive at from the comfort of your own home.

Social media coordinator and managerial jobs also fall under this umbrella, as they are straightforward to perform from any place.

Earning Potential: The type of marketing and PR work will highly dictate what you can charge as a freelancer. Many charge between a $50-$150 hourly rate but the market you are in and your overall experience also plays a large part in the hourly rate.


3. Transcription 

Medical and Legal are the two main types of transcription work available. They often require some understanding within the industry (like most other work-from-home jobs), but this can also be picked up on the job.

A cell phone, computer, and in-home desk are generally the only tools needed to complete most of this work.

Earning Potential: Each type of transcription job will vary. Some pay hourly, while others are charged per audio minute. Legal transcription can pull in $1.50-$5.00 per minute, while Medical is on the lower end of the Legal spectrum.


4. Virtual Assistant 

With many businesses operating online, it’s no wonder many hire virtual assistants to help keep them organized.

Experience as a personal assistant, admin assistant, or office manager puts you in the driver’s seat to do similar work for various clients (from home).

Although virtual assistant jobs vary, tasks typically include writing and responding to emails, creating/distributing documents, responding to business-related inquiries, etc.

Earning Potential: At-home virtual assistants earning potential often varies depending on the work type. On average, they can typically charge between $15-$65 hourly rate (that’s a wide range), but that heavily depends on who you work for and where your skill level is currently at.

5. Call Center 

Virtual call center jobs are similar to office call center work, minus the commute. Many businesses need smooth talkers who can answer the phone at all hours, assisting customers with general inquiries, resolving issues, and processing other requests.

With more and more businesses operating online, these call center jobs continue to grow in popularity – offering the at-home worker plenty of new opportunities.

This type of work requires a computer, cell phone, and often a specific software the company will likely provide. The company/employer you work for will likely provide supplies and training (if more of a part/full-time gig). 

A fabulous phone presence (voice), customer service experience, and data entry expertise will typically cover the necessary skills needed to perform this job.

Earning Potential: Most call center freelancers can pull in around $13-$15 an hour, making it a simple and decent-paying opportunity to work from home.


6. Translator

Do you know another language? If so, you might be sitting on a gold mine of work. Most translators work from home and, depending on your skill set, can consistently stay busy.

Although some employers require a bachelor’s degree, the main requirement for a translator is fluency (how well you can speak and write).

Earning Potential: The top 10% of workers earned an average of $83,010 in 2016, but the average earning potential heavily depends on your skillset and overall experience.


7. Web Developer

The list wouldn’t be complete without the addition of Web Development. You don’t typically need an advanced degree to begin working in this field – all you need is some postsecondary education, practical experience, and a portfolio of successful sites you’ve built and managed.

Many businesses aren’t equipped or have the proper skill set to build their web assets which is why so many people make a living creating them.

The vast majority of freelance web developers can work at home. If you have a laptop and a speedy internet connection, you are good to go!

Earning Potential: Skillset, type of development, and the overall project itself will play a significant role in what you pull in. Many freelancers will be paid per project but most charge per hour. This can range from $25-$150 per hour.

Note: Earning potential will vary by position, skill level, and location. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are some Other High Paying Freelance Jobs? (Source Indeed)

  • Computer Programmer: National average salary: $47,000 per year
  • Graphic Designer: National average salary: $48,000 per year
  • Tutor: National average salary: $53,000 per year
  • Accountant: National average salary: $54,000 per year
  • Content Editor: National average salary: $46,000 per year
  • Business Consultant: National average salary: $78,000 per year
  • Videographer: National average salary: $83,000 per year

What types of freelance jobs are in demand?

There are several freelance roles today that are in high demand, but some great options you might want to look into pursuing for 2023 and beyond:

  • Tax Specialist
  • Marketing Strategist
  • Software Developer
  • Mobile Developer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Technical System Specialist
  • Accounting Specialist
  • E-commerce Developer

What freelance skills are in demand?

Many skills are in demand for freelancers, as clients’ needs can vary widely. Here are a few skills that are often in high demand (similar to jobs that are in high demand):

  • Artificial intelligence knowledge, which includes machine learning, procedural content generation, etc.
  • Video production and editing skills due to the growing demand for video content.
  • Writing skills with specialized knowledge or experience in a particular field.
  • Graphic designer skills like creating logos, marketing materials, and website graphics.
  • Social media marketing skills for growing channels like TikTok or Reddit.

“There are around 70.4 million freelancers in the US as of 2022. The number of freelancers in the USA is estimated to reach 79.6 million by 2025 and 90.1 million by 2028”


Wrapping Up | Best Online Freelance Jobs

If you can answer “yes” to the following, working a freelance gig from home might be something you should look into:

  • Can you remain focused and not easily be distracted?
  • Can you work alone for long hours?
  • Are you an organized person?
  • Are you self-motivated?

There you have it! Some great options to get your at-home freelance career kicked off. To recap, our favorites from top to bottom include Writing, Web Developer, Marketing/PR, Call Center, Virtual Assistant, Translation, and Transcription.

Remember, these are general suggestions with great potential – not the only freelance options available. Find YOUR skillset and passion, see if it’s in demand (LinkedIn can usually answer this), and get started!

Good luck!

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