20 Best Career Memes for 2023

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Career Memes

There’s no doubt about it – it has been a long, hard year for many of us in the workforce, from an unimaginable number of work-related changes to the constant reminder of a potential recession looming over our heads. Things have been…interesting.

Luckily, there is still one thing capable of bringing comfort and happiness to employees throughout the country: “memes“.

Was your boss being a jerk today? We’ve got a meme for that.

The job interview you were hoping to nail went terribly. Yup, I got one for that too.

Coworker called in and put all the extra work on your plate? We’ve got you covered.

Nothing cheers me up more than a great career meme which is why we came up with this list. Here are the 20 best career memes for 2023.

20 Best Career Memes for 2023

1. Tired At Work Meme

tired at work meme, career meme

When you are tired at work and don’t want to speak to anyone.

2. Work Bestie Meme

work bestie meme, career meme

When your work bestie leaves for the day.

3. Working the Weekend Meme

working saturday meme, career meme

Me working on a Saturday vs the rest of the world.

4. First Day of Work Meme

First Day of Work Meme, career meme

Me wandering around clueless on my first day of work.

5. Quitting Meme

I quit meme, career meme

When you get a new job and are ready to quit your old job but appreciate everything they’ve done.

6. Hard Worker Meme

hard worker meme, career meme

When it says “hard worker” on your resume, no one really cares (this should be given).

7. Covid Weight Gain Meme

covid weight gain meme, career meme

Day one working from home compared to two years later. Covid weight gain!

8. Systems Down Mean

Systems Down Meme, career meme

Me explaining to the customer why our system is down at the moment.

9. PTO Meme

Paid Time Off (PTO) Meme

Me trying to calculate how much PTO I have left for the year. 

10. Unpaid Internship Meme

Unpaid Internship Meme, career meme

Unpaid interns talking to paid interns about getting paid.

11. First Day Back Meme

First Day Back at Work meme, career meme

How my first week back to work feels after an extended break.

12. Leaving Early Meme

Leaving work early meme, career meme

The other employees when you decide to leave work early for once.

13. Cover Letter Meme

cover letter meme, career meme

When you decide to combine your resume with a detailed cover letter.

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14. Remote Work Meme

Remote Work Meme, career meme

When your employer says you can work remotely moving forward.

15. Getting Ready to Leave Meme

workinglatememe min

Me getting ready to leave for the day and my boss coming to ask me to stay late.

16. Work On Day Off Meme

Come Into Work On Day Off Meme, career meme

When your boss asks you to come in on your day off.

17. Hear Back After Interview

Hear Back After Job Interview Meme

When you finally hear back after a job interview.

18. Internship Experience Meme

Internship Meme, career meme

Getting rejected from an internship because you don’t have any experience.

19. Job Application Request Meme

Employment History Fill Out Meme, job application meme

When you are filling out a job application and it keeps asking you to add more experience.

20. Leader vs Boss Meme

boss vs leader meme

When you have a leader and not just a boss.

Wrapping Up | Best Memes for Work

There you have it. Our twenty best job-related memes for this coming year. We know job searching, having an interview discussion, or performing your daily work tasks can be stressful, so hopefully, this list helped lighten things up and brought some joy to your day. Here’s a quick recap of our memes:

If you have any fun meme ideas or a great work-related meme you have come across in the past, jump on one of our social platforms and share it with us. We would love to see it!

Best of luck in the new year!

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