How to Write Incoming Job on Your Resume

how to write incoming job on a resume

Incoming Job

Are you taking the next step on your career ladder and have an exciting new role lined up? Congratulations! However, this might bring you to an interesting question: “How to write an incoming job on your resume?

This situation can be tricky to navigate, as you want to showcase your new opportunity without misleading potential employers about your experience. Don’t worry; we’re here to help you present this information accurately and professionally.

Why List an Incoming Job on Your Resume

The decision to include an incoming job on your resume largely depends on your circumstances.

You might be applying for a second job, a part-time role, or perhaps you’re seeking temporary work before your new role starts. In these cases, including your upcoming job can show employers that you are in demand and have a career trajectory.

How to Write an Incoming Job on a Resume (and LinkedIn)

Job Title and Company

Start by listing the job title, followed by the company name. The job title should be your official designation in your new role. This will help potential employers understand your responsibilities and the level of your incoming function.

Dates of Employment

This is where it might get a little tricky. As you have not yet started the job, you won’t have a start date to include. However, you can use the term “incoming” or “start date: month, year” to denote that the role is in your immediate future.

Job Description

As you haven’t started the job yet, you obviously can’t detail your accomplishments in this role. But what you can do is provide a summary of your expected responsibilities.

Use the job description provided by the employer to highlight the key duties you will undertake. This can help future employers understand what skills and experiences you’ll add to your repertoire.

An example would be: “Marketing Specialist – Target Corporation (Incoming),” followed by all of your future responsibilities with the organization.

Dos and Don’ts of Listing an Incoming Job

Do: Be Honest

Honesty is crucial when listing an incoming job. Avoid giving the impression that you have more experience in the role than you do.

Don’t: Go Into Excessive Detail

Without experience in the job, you can’t provide detailed achievements or specific outcomes. Stick to summarizing your future responsibilities based on the job description.

Do: Prepare to Discuss It

If you’re including an incoming job on your resume, be prepared to discuss it in an interview. You might be asked why you’re seeking other employment, or what your schedule will look like once the new job starts.

Don’t: Neglect Other Parts of Your Resume

Your incoming job is undoubtedly exciting, but remember to focus on your current and past roles too. These are the roles where you can show what you’ve achieved and demonstrate your skills in action.

Adding that Incoming Job to Your LinkedIn Profile

When you are offered a new job, and all parties are aware of your change, you can add that new upcoming job to your LinkedIn profile. To do so, you must:
1. Log in to your LinkedIn account
2. Click on “Me” at the top
3. Click on “View Profile.”
4. Click on the pencil icon
5. Click on the “+ Add new position”
6. Add the following details with your new role and include the words “incoming” before the title
7. Click on save.

Wrapping Up

Learning how to write an incoming job on your resume is a delicate balancing act. It’s about being transparent about your plans while emphasizing your current skills and experiences.

Remember, every job seeker’s situation is unique, and there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. Use your judgment to determine whether including an incoming job on your resume is right for your specific circumstances.

Good luck with your job hunting, and congrats again on your exciting new role! Your professional journey is just beginning, and a world of opportunity is waiting for you.

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