5 Best Federal Resume Writing Services for 2023

best federal resume writing services

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When applying for a federal job, a traditional resume won’t cut it. Federal resumes can be complex to write on your own, and some services won’t offer to help with them.

Please keep reading to learn more about federal resumes, when it’s a good idea to have one, and what companies provide the best federal writing services.

Best Federal Resume Writing Services

1. TopResume

TopResume is one of the most popular services available for a reason. For the most part, it offers resume writing for any job you’re targeting, and its pricing model is highly flexible in most cases.

First and foremost, most resumes are covered by a tier-based pricing package that offers different features separately, allowing you to customize your package and minimize costs by cutting out parts you don’t need. This doesn’t apply to federal resumes, but it’s a feature worth keeping in mind.

On top of that, you can get a free expert review of a resume you already have. So, if you’ve created your own or used a different service, TopResume will review it for free. Of course, this is a ploy to get you to buy a package, but it’s still a free service, and you can get a lot of value out of it.

The writers are also known for creating top-tier resumes. So much so that most packages guarantee an interview within sixty days, or you’ll be eligible for a free rewrite if you don’t get an interview.

2. ZipJob

ZipJob is easily in the top-three resume writing services for one specific reason; it only hires the best resume writers and has the certification to prove it. 

When you hire ZipJob, you can trust your resume will be written to the highest standards possible. Even if your job history and other info aren’t exactly impressive. 

ZipJob offers a professional federal resume writing service and other packages priced in line with its competitors.

For a federal resume, you can expect to pay roughly $199. You can also get a free review of your current resume to help determine whether you want to hire ZipJob. 

3. TopStack Resume

TopStack Resume is a unique option, and it will appeal to you if you’re unsure what to expect when hiring someone to write your resume.

This is because it doesn’t require any payment information until you’ve been able to review the resume. You contact them, go through the prep process with TopStack’s writers, and you’ll get a link to your resume within a reasonable period.

From there, you review it. If you like it, you pay the sticker price and call it a day. If you don’t, you can walk away without losing a dime.

The writers at TopStack Resume are among the industry’s higher-quality options. So, you can trust that a true professional will write your resume.

4. Resumes Planet

Resumes Planet does some excellent work for federal resumes, and its packages are reasonably priced.

Beyond high-quality resume writing skills, Resumes Planet can also offer writing services for everything from cover letters to thank-you notes. While sold separately, they help make Resumes Planet an all-in-one service. 

Their one downfall is that Resumes Planet only offers a 30-day guarantee, and it does not offer free resume reviews.

5. Resume Place

Finally, we’ll finish the list with an actual federal resume writing service. While the other options offer federal resumes, they don’t specialize in them. A federal career coach created Resume Place, which staffs twenty specialized federal resume writers.

The main appeal of Resume Place is its dedication to helping its customers land federal job positions. That specialization can come in handy because you know they will handle all the appropriate formatting and content needs.

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Why do you need a federal resume?

You would need a federal resume when applying for U.S. government jobs. Unlike private sector positions, federal jobs have specific requirements and strict application procedures, and a federal resume is designed to meet those unique demands.

How is a federal resume different?

A federal resume differs from a typical job resume because it’s far more detailed, often spanning multiple pages.

It includes sections on your personal information, citizenship, veterans’ preference, security clearance, and comprehensive descriptions of your job duties, achievements, and relevant skills.

How Much Does A Federal Resume Writing Service Cost?

The cost of a federal resume writing service can vary depending on the specific service and the writer’s level of experience and expertise. On average, a federal resume writing service can cost anywhere from $300 to $1,200 or more.

Some factors that may affect the cost of a federal resume writing service include the writer’s level of experience, the complexity of the job you are applying for, and the length and format of the resume. Some services may offer additional cover letter writing, interview coaching, and salary negotiation advice.

Wrapping Up

Federal resume writing services are crucial if you’re going to land a federal job. In fact, they’re so vital to landing a federal job that you might want to pay a bit extra to ensure you’re getting the best resume possible.

Because of the complexity of writing a federal resume, using a top service like the ones listed above is a good investment, especially if it leads to more job interviews and, ultimately, your next job.

We hope this helps and wish you the best of luck in your job search!

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