How to Introduce Yourself in an Interview in 2023: With Sample Answers

how to introduce yourself in an interview

Let’s be honest, job interviews can be nerve-racking. You’re under the spotlight from the moment you walk into the room. And one of the first hurdles to clear? The seemingly straightforward introduction.

This introduction sets the tone for the rest of the interview. So, how do you introduce yourself in an interview in a way that leaves a lasting impression? Let’s break it down!

What to Include in Your Introduction

Introducing yourself in an interview isn’t just about reciting your resume. It’s about summarizing your professional journey and engagingly presenting your career highlights. Here are the essential ingredients:

  • Professional Overview: Start with a brief snapshot of your career. Highlight your current role, responsibilities, and critical skills.
  • Career Highlights: Discuss the highlights of your career journey. Include major achievements, significant projects, or unique experiences that align with the job you’re applying for.
  • Future Aspirations: Share why you’re interested in the job at hand and how it aligns with your career goals.
  • Personal Touch: Add a tidbit about your interests or passions that complements your professional narrative.

How to Introduce Yourself in an Interview: Step by Step

Step 1: Start with the Present

Describe your current role, skills, and responsibilities. For example, “I am a project manager with over five years of experience in the tech industry.”

Step 2: Journey to the Past

Give a concise summary of your previous roles or experiences relevant to the job at hand. Example, “Before this, I worked in a software development role, where I gained hands-on experience in coding and problem-solving.”

Step 3: Eyes on the Future

Express your career aspirations and how this job fits into that picture. For example, “I’m looking forward to applying my skills in a challenging role like this one, which aligns perfectly with my career goals.”

Step 4: Add a Personal Touch

Wrap up by sharing a personal interest that complements your professional persona. For example, “Outside work, I love running and have participated in several marathons.”

Example Introductions

“I have worked for X and Y in my career, where I was given the opportunity to progress my skills, something which I feel would benefit this company. After researching this company and digging into the role, I believe this could be a great opportunity that I can successfully take on with confidence.”

“I graduated with a business degree in 2010 and was offered a position as X at company Y. I loved customer interactions, and I picked up many valuable skills within a supportive, competent team. Ultimately, I sought new challenges and hoped to bring my skills somewhere new. I am eager to expand my skill set, and I firmly believe I can achieve that in the role of X here at your company.”

Final Thoughts

Like anything else, practice is critical to nailing your introduction. Rehearse your answer aloud, focusing on maintaining a conversational tone and positive body language. Time your response to ensure it’s succinct – ideally within one to two minutes.

Remember, the question of “how to introduce yourself in an interview” is more about “how to present your best professional self confidently.” It’s an opportunity to showcase your skills, experience, and enthusiasm for the role.

So, take a deep breath, put on your confidence, and introduce yourself like the capable professional you are. You’ve got this!

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