How to Introduce Yourself in an Interview: Sample Answer

how to introduce yourself in an interview

First impressions count, and this counts doubly during job interviews. When in a job interview, you are the “product.” This doesn’t mean you have to go all-out to sell yourself, but you should be aware that the first impression you make plays a very important role in getting the interviewers to invest in you. 

Behavioural scientists have claimed that the first impression we make on others can have more of an effect than any of our subsequent actions combined. Knowing how to conduct yourself at the earliest stages of the interview can make or break you. 

If you review the ten most common interview questions with answers and how to answer interview questions confidently, you will feel prepared. Bear in mind these tips come after the introduction.

Tips on Introducing Yourself

So, how should you introduce yourself in the interview? This may depend on a variety of factors such as: who your interviewer is, the job role, the industry, and your ability to handle conflict interview questions that could come up. We are certain that the following responses will launch a great starting point for your interview. 

It’s All in the Greeting

“It’s a pleasure to be here today, I appreciate the opportunity. Thanks for your time.”

This answer shows the interviewer you value the opportunity to be interviewed, showing confidence and an openness to begin the process.

Show Enthusiasm

“I would love the opportunity to work for you, because at this stage of my career, I’m looking for a role that will challenge me. I strive for growth and collaboration, which I would love to find here.”

This response suggests you want to know more by finding out what the company and the role entail so that you can discover if it is the right fit for you, and vice versa.

Introduce Your Skills

“I have worked for X and Y in my career, where I was given the opportunity to progress my skills in X and Y, something which I feel would be a benefit to this company. Because I researched this company and role, I believe this could be a great opportunity that I can successfully take on with confidence.”

This answer displays a mix of humility and confidence, showing that you’ve been privileged to get where you are today in your career. It also opens up the opportunity for the interviewers to probe further into your career and achievements.
Give Context

“I graduated with a business degree in 2010, and was offered a position as X in company Y. I loved customer interactions and within a supportive, competent team, I picked up a great number of valuable skills. Ultimately, I welcome new challenges and hope to bring my skills somewhere new. I am eager to expand my skillset, and I firmly believe I can achieve that in the role of X here at your company.”

This answer shows that you’ve worked hard in your previous roles while crediting the efforts and support from previous employers. Furthermore, it shows maturity and character by making clear that you need a new challenge. It paints past experiences in a positive light while showing readiness for growth.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the most authentic and powerful way to make a good impression is by letting your true personality shine through. It pays to prepare before an interview and brush up on the skills needed to make a good impression; interviewers will value your responses if they are thoughtful and authentic. We hope these responses will guide you in the right direction toward making that next interview a successful one!

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