How to Write a Professional Recommendation Letter (with Samples)

how to write a personal recommendation letter

How to Write Good Recommendation Letters

Few things carry as much weight during a job application process as a professional recommendation letter. As an employer or manager, you’ve probably been asked to write a few for employees who have trusted you in the past. 

But what exactly does a professional recommendation letter consist of and how should you go about writing them? Here are some recommendation letter tips with samples to help simplify the process.

What is a Professional Recommendation Letter? 

A professional recommendation letter or email is something you write to a prospective employer for a former employee or colleague. 

When you write your professional recommendation letter, it’s important to make sure that former employee looks good to the potential hiring company (without lying or stretching the truth). In the event that an employee is not worth recommending, simply refuse to write them a letter. 

How do you write a recommendation letter for a job?

A professional reference letter or email should provide information on who you are in relation to the candidate, why they are qualified for the role, and any specific skills they have that you are endorsing. 

If possible, it should also include specific examples of times they demonstrated those skills in the workplace. Here’s a template for reference:

Step 1 – The Greeting

If you know the person you are addressing it would be best to include their name at the top but if not, simply put “To whom this may concern” followed by the introductory sentence. 

Step 2 – The Introduction

The first paragraph should explain how you know the person you are recommending and what role you held during that time (in relation to this person).

Step 3 – The Second Paragraph

The second paragraph of a reference letter contains specific details about the person you are referencing. How they are qualified to do the job with specific examples of skills they used to complete tasks in the past.

Step 4 – The Overview

This section of the reference letter contains a brief summary of why you are recommending the person and your overall feeling towards them as a worker. 

Step 5 – Wrapping Up

Wrap up the letter by offering to provide the interviewer with more information if they would like it along with your contact information.

“A personal reference, sometimes called a character reference, describes a person’s lifestyle, morals, values, and personality traits.”
“A professional reference, also known as an employer reference, describes a person’s qualifications, skills, and work ethic.”

— Lawdepot

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Wrapping Up | Writing a Job Recommendation Letter

If you’ve made an impact on someone’s career, odds are a job recommendation request is coming your way at some point down the line. 

A recommendation letter is a simple, yet impactful gesture that can change your old coworker or past employee’s life. If you enjoyed your time working with this individual, take it seriously and fill out whatever details are necessary to help get them that position.

We hope this has helped prep you for the next time you are asked to write a recommendation letter – best of luck!

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