What is theJub?

theJub is a career and job resource platform for millennials who are seeking a purposeful and financially fulfilling life.

theJub is written and run by young professionals who have stood in your shoes.

Our Mission at theJub

At theJub our mission is to inspire and provide better career opportunities for over 5 million job seekers by 2025.


Because young professionals achieve great things when given the chance. If we can help provide that chance, great things will follow. When great things happen, our world becomes a better place. 

Who We Are

At theJub, WE BELIEVE in taking care of each other and making an impact on the work world. WE BELIEVE in helping young professionals (millennials, gen y, gen z) navigate their careers to find a true calling.

From job search to career development, WE BELIEVE in providing clear, beneficial resources around job search, resume writing, interview prep, salary negotiations and other career planning topics.

WE BELIEVE life is too short to resent your career and drown in debt. Together, we can strive for a purpose and BELIEVE together.

Note: We don’t claim to be experts - we are just explorers and guides for fellow young professionals around the world.

The Values

Make an Impact | Strive for a Purpose | Give Back | Behave Ethically | Care for the Environment | Find a Calling | Remain Socially Conscious | Contribute to a Goal


Office Address: 17145J W Bluemound Rd #158 Brookfield, WI 53005


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