What Does a Sales Manager Do?

what does a sales manager do

Sales Manager

The role of a Sales Manager is to coordinate the activities of their sales team members so that they can sell more products or services. 

In other words, they are the people who make sure that the salespeople under them are a productive force for their organization. 

To do that, a Sales Manager has to understand the needs of their team members, keep track of their performance, and provide feedback on how to improve. 

In this short post, we will highlight the key duties of a Sales Manager, the challenges of the role, and how to succeed with it.

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What does a sales manager do?

A Sales Manager is the one who coordinates the overall activities of their sales team. 

They are the leaders responsible for ensuring that everyone on their team is productive – providing guidance, delegating tasks and pushing their team to hit specific goals and sales numbers.


Key duties of a Sales Manager

Leading the team

One of the biggest responsibilities of a Sales Manager is leading their team members.

They are the captain of the team and they have to lead them by setting expectations, creating a culture of excellence, and providing feedback.

This might seem like common sense, but some companies have a problem with this aspect of the role.

A good manager leads by example and doesn’t have to constantly remind the team what they expect from them. 


Keeping track of performance

This can be an Excel worksheet or an app that your company uses.

You need to keep track of the number of leads that each salesperson closes and how much revenue they are generating for your company.

This can be done manually, but it’s best to use software to make it easier.


Providing feedback

One of the biggest challenges of the role is giving feedback to your team members.

Praise is extremely important and often easy to provide, but it can often be hard to find the right words when constructive feedback needs to be mentioned.

You need to find a balance here so that people understand the feedback they’re receiving, but also know that it’s constructive.

A good way to do this is to use one-on-one meetings, instead of a team-wide meeting. This way, the person receiving the feedback gets more attention and you can make sure to deliver the feedback accurately.

challenges of the role

The first challenge of the role is managing expectations.

People might have high expectations of their Sales Manager, which can lead to them feeling frustrated if they don’t reach their goals. 

Another challenge of the role is having too much focus on the numbers. This can happen when the Sales Manager focuses exclusively on their numbers and forgets about the bigger picture. 

Finally, lack of support from senior managers is also a big challenge for new Sales Managers. They might not have the time or resources needed to help which can have a negative effect on performance. 


How to succeed as a sales manager

1. Building a Strong Team

One of the best ways to succeed as a Sales Manager is to build a strong team. This might sound cliché, but it’s true.

Hire people who are like-minded and are excited about working for your company. 


2. Create a clear and detailed sales process

This might seem like a no-brainer, but it’s actually one of the most important things a Sales Manager can do. 

Systems and processes lead to success.


3. Strategic Plan

Another important thing a Sales Manager can do is create a strategic sales plan. This sales plan should be the foundation of your company’s sales strategy.

It should include the goals you want to hit, the tactics you want to use, the resources you want to use, and the timescales you want to meet.

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Wrapping Up | What does a sales manager do

The role of a Sales Manager can lead to success and wealth but it can also be stressful and challenging – don’t let that discourage you from pursuing this amazing career path though. 

We hope this layout has provided you with enough details to help decide if this career path is right for you.

Please reach out with any questions you might have – best of luck in your job search!

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