What Does a PR Specialist Do?

what does a pr professional do

PR Specialist

PR specialists are in high demand for companies and organizations looking to increase awareness around their brand and products.

But what exactly do they do and what skills are needed to become a good PR specialist? Read on to find out.

What does a PR specialist do?

PR specialists are responsible for working with journalists and influencers in order to disseminate brand messaging and promote products to a target audience. 

They look to explain the company’s mission, values, and products in a way that will resonate with the public and get their attention. 

They are also responsible for understanding target audiences, and creating targeted press releases, media alerts, and other communications that focus on a specific segment. 


What skills do you need to be a good PR specialist?

First, you need a solid understanding of journalism. That means having an extensive knowledge of how media works, and being able to determine which journalists are relevant to your company and its products. 

You also need to be able to identify the sources of the information journalists use, and why they’re interested in certain stories over others.

Understand what motivates them in order to better understand why they choose to cover certain stories and ignore others. 

Outside of that, great communication skills, a sense of creativity, and the ability to write well are all important skill sets to be successful in this career field. 


How to become a great PR specialist

Becoming a great PR specialist is all about continual learning and understanding your audience.

Journalists are constantly researching and looking for new and interesting sources to cover; so, your best bet for success is to keep up with the media and learn about the ways journalists think, and the types of stories they prefer to cover.  

Create content that is consistent with your brand. Consistency is key with your PR communications, so you don’t want to send out messages that contradict each other. 

Be proactive, and seek out opportunities.

The best way to get the most exposure for your PR efforts is to actively seek out opportunities to pitch stories, pitch your company to mainstream media, and get involved with social media and other online communities that can help you build a following.


Wrapping Up | What does a PR specialist do

Business owners and marketers who are looking to increase brand awareness and get more eyes on their products can turn to PR specialists.

Their ability to work with journalists and influencers to promote brand messaging and products to a target audience is essential for any company. 

If you are interested in this career field and have the skills needed to be successful, it’s a great path to go down!

Best of luck in your career search!

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