Spikes in Employment Related Searches During a Pandemic (with Resources to Help)

There’s no question the Coronavirus (COVID-19) has altered our work world since the first known cases were discovered in the US. 

With all of these shutdowns and “shelter in place” orders, many businesses are being forced to make tough decisions - one of which is laying off employees.

Before we show the employment related search changes, we wanted to take a look at some positive search trends happening around the world:

Virtual Happy Hour

Virtual happy hours amongst friends, family and colleagues have been a hot trend to stay connected over the past few weeks.

Virtual Happy Hour Searches

Virtual Happy Hour Searches

We are All In This Together

“We are all in this together” has been what seems like the go to saying during these tough times. It’s comforting to know we are not alone.

In This Together Searches

In This Together Searches

Connect with Friends

Whether it’s virtual happy hours, phone calls or video games, I think it’s safe to say we are trying to connect more today than ever before.

Connect with Friends Searches

Connect with Friends Searches

National Puppy Day

March 25th was National Puppy Day. What better way to make your little furry friend’s day than spend it at home with them.

National Puppy Day Searches

National Puppy Day Searches

Here’s a visual of Employment related search changes in the recent weeks (with Positive Thoughts and Resources below )

Employment Search Infographic

Employment Search Infographic

The Bright Side (Staying Positive) 

Today, it feels like everything we see and hear in the news is negative (including the information above). But that’s not all true.

Here are some additional bright spots to cheer you up:

  • The US Department of Education has temporarily halted student loan debt collection for certain loans - more information on this Forbes article

  • The new Stimulus Bill will look to help out Americans in need by providing a direct payment to taxpayers - more information on this NYTimes article

  • We have seen some positive environmental effects during the Coronavirus outbreak. The canals of Venice are clear for the first time in years, and cities across the world are experiencing less air pollution. NYC has seen a 5-10% drop in CO2 emissions, according to scientists at Columbia University.  

  • Companies are looking to innovate and speed up production of essentials and healthcare-related products.

  • Good Morning America had a great post on good news happening around the world in “Rainbow at the end of a storm”

Resources to Help

Closing | Pandemic Job Search Data

Whether you were laid off due to coronavirus or know someone affected by it, understand that it will pass and things will get better!

If you have the chance, thank your healthcare workers, plumbers, retailers, linemen, police officers, and anyone else working during this outbreak. 

Stay safe and do your best to remain positive. We are all in this together, and together we will come out of it on top!

Good luck out there!


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