12 (Not So But Somewhat) Surprising Millennial Statistics | Infographic

millennial stats

Millennial Stats

The millennial generation is often misunderstood, but with over 80 million of us roaming the U.S today, we can’t be ignored. From new

From the quality of a millennials education to the overall workforce we poses, here are 12 statistics related to finance, education, and employment to help paint a better picture of millennials in our current world.

Millennial Stats

Millennial Statistics (text)

Text: There are 83.1 million millennials, representing one-quarter of the US population. (U.S. Census) Millennials make up half of the workforce. (Adobe) In 2018, 15% of millennials were still living with their parents. (Pew Research Center) 63% of millennials have over $10,000 in student debt. (Padilla) 52% of millennials carry over debt month to month on their credit cards. (CNBC) Back in 2016, loans were already a huge concern to millennials as 52% of millennials were worried they’d default in the next 10 months. (UBS) In 2018, 46% of millennials were married, compared to 83% of Silent Generation members who were married at a similar age range. (Pew Research Center) Millennials are more educated than generations before them. Roughly 39% of millennials have a bachelor’s degree or higher, compared to 19% of the Silent Generation and one-quarter of Baby Boomers. (Pew Research Center) About 43% of millennial females and 36% of millennial males have at least a bachelor’s degree. (Pew Research Center) With 72% of millennial women are employed, more women are active in the labor force in this generation than prior age groups, (Pew Research Center) Those who’ve attended college in the millennial generation receive higher earnings than past generations. Meanwhile, millennials who’ve attended some or no college have seen lower earnings than past generations. (Pew Research Center) In 2018, 80% of millennials had worked for their employer for at least 13 months. (Pew Research Center)

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Title: 12 (Not So But Somewhat) Surprising Millennial Statistics | Infographic

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