How Good Do You Have To Be At Coding To Get A Job?

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How Good Do You Have To Be At Coding To Get A Job?

When hiring for a role, most technical recruiters, hiring managers, and project managers are able to weed out candidates who can’t fulfill the job requirement….or in this case, aren’t great developers.

This if often done through online tests and by asking different technical questions related to the position.

If you don’t possess the proper programming skills, you will more than likely be booted from contention early on in the hiring process.

IF you were to get hired without the proper skills, they would find out relatively early that you aren't qualified for the job which will often lead to termination or release from the contract.

What You Can Do

If you have the right skills but need a little extra training, the best case scenario is to find a job that trains and develops you while working. If that’s not possible, look for an internship, attend additional courses/classes, or reach out to others in your field for guidance.

Good luck!

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