7 Business Jobs with an Associate’s Degree

jobs you can get with an associates degree

Business Jobs with Associate’s Degree

An associate’s degree can be a cost-effective and flexible way to develop your career without having to devote yourself to the four years required for a regular bachelor’s degree. 

But what occupations are accessible once you’ve graduated?

Here are some of the best business jobs you can find with an associate’s degree.

7 business jobs you can work with an associate’s degree

1. Project Manager

Project management is the skill of knowledge, resources, skills, and methodologies to meet a set of objectives within a given time frame. 

You should look into working as a project manager if you love leading organizational initiatives from start to completion. Project managers are responsible for forming teams, finding resources, and establishing project budgets.

Project managers also establish timetables for completing action steps. 

It’s not an easy undertaking, but for those with the right skills, it may be a rewarding career.


2. Account Manager

Companies hire account managers to stay informed of the various clients and projects they are currently working on.

They manage customer accounts – assisting with client setup, providing a positive client experience, answering issues, and offering solutions. 


3. Executive assistant

In most cases, an executive assistant works in an office setting. This is usually an upper-management expert’s right-hand person.

This person aids the executive with travel plans, meeting scheduling, budget report preparation, email correspondence, arranging appointments, welcoming guests, writing reports, reserving travel accommodations, and a variety of other tasks.

Executive assistants are compensated well, especially considering that they require an associate’s degree in business administration to get hired.


4. Accountant

Accountants utilize their school training and on the job experience to generate financial statements, budget for the organization, track financial performance, process data, etc. 

Accounting can be a very rewarding career if you enjoy numbers and working within spreadsheets. 


5. Human resources specialist

Those with associate’s degrees and some experience in human resources can move to the position of the human resource manager or specialist. 

When it comes to standards, this job frequently serves as a liaison between employees and management. A human resources manager is required in almost every sector so this position isn’t going away.


6. Management Analyst

Developing the ability to examine a company’s performance is critical to a successful career.

When a company is losing customers or revenue, it will hire a financial or management analyst to find out where the issues are. 

Management analysts’ work on a more project-based system, working as part of a team or as a freelancer, providing services to clients as needed.


7. Sales Manager

Sales managers work in practically every business, and their responsibilities vary depending on the industry. Sales managers are in charge of recruiting, hiring, and training of salespeople. 

Success in this profession requires motivational abilities and the ability to thrive under pressure.

You are responsible for ensuring that your sales staff reach their quotas as a sales manager. You’re also in charge of performance evaluations and keeping your team motivated.

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