Getting a Job Through a Staffing Agency

getting a job through a staffing agency

Contrary to what some may believe, getting a job through a staffing agency doesn’t mean you’re just working a temp job. While using a staffing company has pros and cons, you might be surprised to learn that many jobs obtained through recruitment firms end up being permanent. 

That being said, not all jobs through staffing agencies will be a great fit, and it’s up to you to decide if the offer seems worth it. 

Know Before You Go

It’s important to know that working through a staffing agency means you may not have any benefits. Because you’ll be a contracted 1099 employee, you’ll also be responsible for filing your own taxes and being responsible to set aside money for that. 

Because of those caveats, in many cases, the jobs available through staffing agencies can come with significantly higher pay than a comparable position elsewhere. Being covered by your spouse’s health plan and taking the opportunity to earn extra money is one of the best ways to work with a staffing agency

How to Spot Job Opportunities Worth Your Time

When a staffing agency recruiter calls you, you should always hear what they have to say. Consider the hourly rate, the benefits (if any), and the commute. A significant amount of people say they regret the commute to their place of work, and you’ll be making that commute each morning for the foreseeable future. 

Establish which company you’ll be working with, the job title, and your responsibilities. 

An important question to ask is if you’ll be working on a project and how many people are they looking for. Opportunities in which a company is looking for a massive number of people may be a red flag, because large projects like this can be temporary.

If you reach the interview stage with a hiring manager, be sure and ask them additional questions about the job so you understand it’s potential to become permanent. 

With a high enough wage, even a temporary placement can be a lucrative opportunity. The key is timing your exit into a new company before your contract ends. 

If you find out that they are hiring a single person, this may be a good opportunity to discuss the job duties in-depth with the hiring manager. Jobs that become available as part of an established team with a single manager often have the opportunity to become permanent, especially if another member of the team leaves. 

Tips to Get the Job You’ll Love

Regardless of who you’re talking to in an interview, be it the recruiter or the hiring manager, your first goal should be to sound confident. Using words like “absolutely,” “definitely,” and “certainly,” go a long way towards verbally expressing confidence, even if you’re terrified. 

When a recruiter or hiring manager asks you if you have experience with a particular subject or type of software and you have it, tell them yes and provide a relevant example of how and where you’ve used it in your past jobs. This is a great way to help the manager and the recruiter understand your strengths. 

The next most important thing that you can do is find questions to ask during your interview. Questions help to show that you are interested in the position. Here are some strong questions to ask:

  • “Why is the position open?” Look for red flags like a high number of employees quitting. Words about growth are a good sign.
  • “Will I be working independently or as a member of a team?”
  • Ask the hiring manager what they like about working for the company. This question can throw off a hiring manager and force them to say good things. If they struggle, you’ll notice. It also shows a good hiring manager that you’re serious about working for the company. 

Title: Getting a Job Through a Staffing Agency

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