High Paying Business Jobs for 2023

high paying business jobs

Because business-related work dramatically impacts an organization’s future, jobs related to the business are some of the highest-paying positions in a company.

If you want to grasp the inner workings of business operations, it pays to specialize in a discipline like marketing, finance, or something similar. So, in this article, we’ll talk about our top 6 high-paying business jobs to help make the selection easier for you.

6 High-Paying Business Jobs for 2023

6. Chief Executive Officer

Avg. pay: $790,418

Chief Executive Officers are typically the highest-ranking officials in corporations and other organizations. A company’s entire credit strategy is developed and managed by a CEO, who is a senior executive. These business leaders are in command of the company and are in charge of making many important business decisions.

CEOs are also in charge of a company’s marketing, strategy, and finances, assigning responsibilities, hiring and firing employees, maintaining safety compliance, and handling public relations. They frequently report to a board of directors and supervise an organization’s daily operations.

They are well compensated but often have a demanding schedule. They may outsource responsibility for some aspects of the business to other executives or managers, such as marketing, finance, and strategy.

5. Management Analysts

Avg. pay: $87,660

Working for an organization or as an independent contractor, management analysts are critical thinkers in the business world who design strategies to help businesses stay competitive. Management consultants gather and evaluate data about a company’s operations before recommending cost-cutting or revenue-boosting adjustments.

They can specialize in various areas within a firm, such as cost-cutting, operations optimization, and marketing strategy development.

These experts are well-versed in business best practices and can use that expertise to assist other companies in establishing the best structures. Management analysts can also help you reduce costs, improve operations, and develop marketing strategies.

4. Marketing Managers

Avg. pay: $88,871

We all know that nothing sells on its own; everything needs to be marketed for people to buy it, and that is precisely what a Marketing Manager does.

Marketing managers analyze and predict demand for a company’s products and services, then devise strategies for growing earnings, investments, and stock ownership. They may research a company’s target demographic, assess demand, and create marketing campaigns to help sell its products or services.

They also supervise marketing employees and create demand-driven marketing strategies for businesses. In short, marketing managers deploy various advertising and public relations strategies to drive sales and maximize a company’s current and potential.

3. Portfolio managers

Avg. pay: $134,452

Portfolio managers are responsible for an individual’s or company’s investing activity. Their responsibilities may include analyzing and managing investment portfolios and making critical investment choices. A portfolio manager helps an organization raise funds and fund investment decision-making.

They plan investment plans and actions that help the organization achieve its objectives. The portfolio manager track can lead to roles such as managing director or head of portfolio management, which have more responsibility.

They may work in an organization or one-on-one with people or businesses to manage their assets and resources.

2. Vice president (VP)

Avg. pay: $178,337

You can become a vice president in finance or marketing in the business world. The vice president of finance is one of the highest-paid positions in the business since they are usually near the top of a company’s management structure.

They keep the company profitable while keeping costs low and following regulatory laws. VPs oversee all financial concerns, including planning and budgeting, guiding financial strategy and analysis. They also handle financial reporting, administration, ongoing operations, and quarterly operations outcomes. In other words, they keep their business profitable while keeping an eye on spending.

1. Financial Managers

Avg. pay: $181,000 

Financial managers focus on investing operations and monitoring market dynamics to maximize profits while minimizing risk. They also generate financial reports to assist top management in making decisions and keeping shareholders informed.

They look at financial accounts, balance sheets, and other similar documents to determine the safety and stability of an organization. Depending on the size and position of the organization, they may be in charge of the entire financial department or a specific area under finance.

They’ll also need good communication skills and the capacity to solve complicated problems and evaluate financial markets to be the ultimate finance manager.

Starting at an entry-level position with the right qualifications and experience can lead to various high-paying business jobs. According to the most recent survey in 2022, these are the top High Paying Business Jobs.

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